Hashflare - Very good bitcoin mining company $$$ - 6 Month Review

in #bitcoin6 years ago


Hello Steemians! I am here to tell you about a mining site called hashflare.


This is owed by a company called HashCoins, I have been cloud mining with them since December 2016, and I am very happy I did! Not only has the value of my profits increased, but I now receive free bitcoin daily!


While it may not be a scam in your opinion, it could be considered spam. Spam is not appreciated by the community and could be flagged or may result in action from the cheetah bot..

Some things that can be considered spam:

  • Banner ads
  • Referral links/codes
  • Repeating the same post
  • Links to known scams, phishing sites, and other dangerous links

Good job, go ahead and block me on a decentralized platform, looks like there is not any benefit to this site except the free money people get.