Bitcoin Turns at Christmas & New Highs in 2020

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I've made flawless Bitcoin price predictions for 7 years straight, and I have a crystal-clear view of what's coming next. I say this not to boast, but because it's true, it's documented, it's incredible, and nobody else is reporting on it. It's up to me to point out nobody has been as right about Bitcoin as me, as often as me, for as long as me.

(BTC from the beginning, logarithmic price scale, blue arrows at Christmas)

The History

Exactly one year ago, when Bitcoin was under $3500 USD, I predicted that we were at the bottom. Having been right about at least a dozen major calls in a row at that point, I was confident I could see a turnaround coming, despite many so-called crypto experts calling for $2000.

Once again, despite going out on a limb when almost nobody else was willing to, I was 100% correct.

Indeed, Bitcoin turned at Christmas, and we haven't seen the $3200 bottom (or anywhere near it) since then. After a mid-year high of $13500, we're currently at about $7000, a week before Christmas. Yesterday, there was a brief dip to $6500, which may have already been the low.

Regardless; Bitcoin turns at Christmas, so we're at-or-near bottom.

Technically speaking, the 2019 yearly chart can be summarized as "a higher high and a higher low" - a classic recovery pattern. So why all the bearish sentiment at the moment? Because the masses never see the big picture. They see a recent pullback in price, that's all. They can't see that it's perfectly expected, given recent huge moves up, and that it sets us up for a MASSIVE bull run through the next 12+ months.

This was all covered in one of my longer-term predictions, regarding 2018 through 2020. The only part which hasn't already played out is the rise to new all-time highs ($20000+).

I'll link back to this post in a year. I suspect Bitcoin for $7000 will only be a distant memory at that point.

(This isn't investing advice for you. It's not even investing advice for ME! I don't invest. I'm just flawless at predicting Bitcoin price moves. Your decisions and gains/losses are your own.)


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As you said, if it gets above 10000, it's going above 20000. Should be another spectacular year for cryptos. The setup is once again complete and the fuse is lit.

I might just buy some more Bitcoin very soon.

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Do you buy it with other cryptos/tokens, or using fiat?
Do you use an exchange? I hear it's best to not keep cryptos in exchanges.


Exchanges are exactly that... They exchange one crypto for another. You have a bank account I'm guessing? You wouldn't leave all your fiat in a "bureau de change" just incase you wanted to turn $ to £ or ¥ to €??

#1 RULE: If you don't hold it, you do t own it.

Buy it with fiat and keep it in a wallet.

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Do you know qwertycoin?

It's time to rise..

Higher Highs and Higher lows. Good Stuff. Do you do steem predictions too?

Yeah.... STEEM is still at its lows and might be headed lower. We have put in 2 years of modeling and posting... for a grand total of about $18 at current value!

Hahahahaha.... we believed that! And it's still up on the front page, beckoning people to try....

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