I see Bitcoin's future price crystal clear

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I was accurately predicting Bitcoin prices, sometimes to the exact dollar and day, years before most people had even heard of it.

Bitcoin was priced in cents when I became interested, and began alerting my viewers on YouTube. I got interested in 2011, and have been very active since 2013, when I realized cryptocurrencies were going to change the world (and was called "crazy" for suggesting so).

Year after year, my videos and posts forsee every major price movement, including tops, bottoms, consolidations, bear markets, bull markets, and the overall trend. It's as though I am writing the chart into existence, and it does everything I say.

Several crypto millionaires have told me they first heard about Bitcoin from my YouTube videos.

Censorship has gone mainstream

YouTube is currently working on shutting down my 10+ year and 700+ video account, DRutter. When they succeed, all my videos (with their descriptions, ratings, comments, and so on) will be deleted forever. It will be as though they never existed, and my name will be scrubbed from the record (and from memory too if that's possible). Doing this to someone was called sending them "down the memory hole" in Orwell's book 1984. It's a form of book burning - they are re-writing history. Anyone who speaks out against this is being added to the memory hole.

To protect my message, I brought my flawless Bitcoin price prediction track record here to the Steem blockchain, but only 1 person (@Sunsethunter) has so far noticed. For almost 2 years here I've blogged price predictions (and even charts) that turn out being completely accurate in every detail. It's strange that Bitcoin is such a hot topic that any newbie can get thousands of views on a post just by putting Bitcoin in the title, but I can't seem to find 2 viewers to rub together - even after so many years of making millionaires?

I'm not doing this for the viewcounter, but I'm also not doing it to be silenced, or ignored! This is important information. Not just my predictions themselves, but the fact that they've all been correct, and somehow nobody has noticed. That's news in itself.

Significant pullbacks on the way to 20k coming soon


That's over 5 years of Bitcoin price action on a logarithmic price scale.

It appears we're repeating the same cup-and-handle formation that this chart has exhibited since 2013. Notice the moving average lines. It's so easy to see what's next, I truly think anyone who misses it should be ashamed of themselves. To be absolutely clear, I'll draw in where I see us now in the cycle, with blue arrows:

Now at 9000 USD, we're due for a correction (perhaps back to about 5000), before going very much higher. Will it happen today? Probably not, but it's coming soon. And there should be at least 1 more large correction on the way back to 20k, which could be as soon as this Christmas.

My prediction from August 2018, which was laughed at by almost everybody, has been flawless. I expect that it will continue to play out exactly as I said there, so instead of repeating myself, I'll let you hear it yourself:

In just a couple minutes, I laid out exactly what has happened in the past year, and what I expected (and still expect) to happen through 2020.


This post, like all my Steem writings, is permanent. It has become part of the record, even if I were to change it later. The blockchain ensures the veracity of my claims. Whether or not anyone reads it is another matter!

I'm certain about my predictions, but that doesn't mean you can be. I may be the best Bitcoin price predictor and chart analyst, but there are still no guarantees, and you should do your own research and come to your own investing conclusions. I won't take any blame for your losses, just like you won't give me any credit for your wins.

See you at $20,000 USD and beyond.

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20K?! Whoa, seems surreal to me, but I absolutely trust your prediction. Can't wait to see it happen, a lot of people will eat crow haha.

You're being silenced now, but at least you're still recording your thoughts on the blockchain where they'll eventually be appreciated.

Well, I found your post very informative, and I do see a little cup-and-handle forming... for those of us who are new to crypto, this is very useful!

My theory for why Bitcoin - and other cryptocurrencies - follow these classic technical analysis patterns, is their prices are affected by human psychology. The Bitcoin chart itself is basically a lesson in human psychology. Skepticism, greed, paranoia, fear, it's all right there in those cups and handles!

I learned technical analysis on the silver and gold charts back around 2009 and 2010. As you may know, they are heavily manipulated nowadays, almost totally controlled by the big Western banks. Human psychology (supply and demand) isn't allowed to play out on the precious metals charts. Their prices are determined, not set by the market. That's why classic technical analysis doesn't work on the silver and gold chart anymore, but it works like a charm on the far-more-free-markets like the cryptocurrencies.

Feel free to make observations and ask questions :)

I noticed.

Thank you! I appreciate your having noticed (and having commented).

What do you think about a wick up to just shy of 10k before the major dump?

Good call. That sounds like something Bitcoin would do, yeah. And it does feel (to me) like the steam is running out of this first big bull run after the Christmas crash to 3300. Maybe one more spike to a new high (10k?) and then a proper correction. In any case, I do think the bull market will be long (at least another full year, probably 1.5). Month-long corrections within that are definitely expected (and healthy)!

Thanks for the information I have just started following you recently.

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