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EID is an European financial investment multi cryptocurreny wallet system where the EID coin can be traded in so many types of cryptocurrency and conversion can made and found there.
with new launch of the wallet bonuses, Cryptos wallet which is the original & most secure hardware wallet.

With on ongoing bonuses, all you just need to is to open an account where u will register with this crypto account and receive $30 with this link

Using the above mentioned link, you follow the instruction and then fill in the necessary, which after creating the account, you get an instant bonus.

Note: The opening of the account dose not require any payment of any sort, it FREE, as i have said earlier on, all you need to do is just to use the link to create an account and then follow the instruction carefully and u get your instance bonus $30.

How to check for your bonus:
After successfully creating the account, you go to your left hand side of your were there so many menu like Dashboard, ICO, account, Wallet, ![eib.jpg]

Click or select the wallet, scroll down, you find your balance of $30 at the bottom of the last instruction.
That is your bonus for creating an account.
Good luck!!!

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thank you for your time and patience.


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