Is Bitconnect 2.0 a New Scam?

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I'm a little late on the Bitconnect 2.0 party. But, I am happy to say that it is being cancelled as I looked around on web for answers. In a twist of irony, I found my answer on a r/buttcoin thread. That place is amazing for those of you who want to keep your head out of cloud nine when it comes to crypto.

If you have ever watched ``That Martini Guy`` on YouTube, he gave a break down of Bitconnect 2.0. This includes who, what, when, etc. of the operation.

Here is a link to that video that I mentioned:

The thing that stood out most to me was that the supposed scammer has accounts on Steem. Some of them are @nioctib (which is Bitcoin spelled backwards) and @admiral.

On the surface, the content of those accounts seem original. Well, they are heaps of misinformation and blatant nonsense. They have not been active for a long time, but it bothers me that these type of guys are on Steem.

Speaking of Bitconnect, let's not forget about @trevonjb. He actually did make a statement about the 2.0. In short, even he tells you to stay the hell away from it.

You can watch his commentary on it after a crypto weather forecast:

The funniest, and saddest, thing about the whole ordeal is that people would still invest in it if it took off. Whether it is to recoup the losses or doing it for the memes, there would have been money pouring in there.

In short, is it the new scam? Oh yeah. Is it going to take off? I hope not. There needs to be less scams and shady stuff if cryptocurrency is ever going to take off. Let the recent @magicdice exit scam be another warning to everyone.

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I am the real Admiral. The other guy... needs to take a long walk off a short plank.


Trevon James tried to create a Steem-Engine token for BitConnect 2 but looks like it has been removed.

I didn’t know you could delete tokens on Steem Engine.

I believe it was deleted by Steem-Engine team because I cannot see it anymore. I did mention it to them when I saw it, it's not good for Steem to be associated with a known scam actively in a massive lawsuit.

I can see the FUD with people saying how tokens can be deleted already.

If it was deleted by steem-engine team, that fact is not something that sits well with me.

On the other side of things, the fact that Trejvon the infamous tried to recreate the token blows my mind.
The guy still doesnt understand that it was a scam and that he should stay clear.
Crazy people everywhere.

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Yeah, it's a bit dodgy when that can be done. At the same time, it was needed.

Well, I guess we will see if massive exit scam happens in the future. lol

So, I asked around. I believe it is only hidden from plain view like how FTG's alts are hidden from frontends.

That does make me feel a less edgy about it.

If its only hidden then i have no issue. If it had been removed, that would be a major red flag.

Does this prove the old saying, 'there's not such thing as bad publicity?'

The only advantage to rebooting as Bitconnect 2.0 instead of something completely different is name recognition. People talking about it more because bitconnect was a scam - people like you and I, that wouldn't give it two seconds thought if it were just another altcoin with zero name recognition.

I totally get that.

But, to think some people will be swindled a second time is a bit sad and hilarious. Then, how many people would be there for kicks and giggles and see if they can cash out before another exit scam?

It's a fun thing to say, but it really isn't true. Sometimes it very much is, but not always. It sounds good though.

I have read some review about the bitconnect talking about it been a scam before and will certainly be now. No matter what is been said, there will still be some people who never learn from people experience so trying it out again will be their option

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