Using the German bank Bitwala for selling Bitcoin

in #bitcoin3 years ago

I have been using Bitwala for a while to sell my Bitcoin.
And I am quite happy with what they do.


If anyone is interested in signing up. They are paying 30 Euros for the pleasure of having an account.

And I get 30 Euros as well so it's a win win win scenario.

You do have to jump through some hoops to get an account.
As it is a bonded bank in Germany.
With all the anti-money laundering rules and regulations that implies.

It also means you are well covered and any money you have in Bitwala is covered by a German State guarantee.

Your Bitcoin is held in a separate wallet that only you control.
And the usual rules apply.
If you forget your Login Key/Password, its bye bye Bitcoin.
It will go to the Satoshi Bitcoin Elephants graveyard, never ever to be seen again.

But you knew that already.

Anyway, here is the magic link. So sign up get your free dosh and enjoy.