Crypto Investing Bank Collapse March 2023

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Last Week

Crazy Crazy times. Banks are failing and this is bitcoins chance to show why we invented an alternative currency by the people. But overall risk remains high. Goverments typically implement capital controlls in high inflation eviroments and it may become harder to onramp to crypto from the tradfi-system in the future. Peronally I am happy that a lot of my capital is in the crypto space. If I was majority tradfi assest I dont think I would sleep that well. And this feels super bullish since for once crypto is providing some safety and appears to be the safer asset to hold. Even crypto sceptics will have to admit that a small fraction of crypto exposure is a great risk diversification.

Prices and Funds

BTC = 20108.55 -> 26812.00
ETH = 1416.19 -> 1749.25

Starting Funds: 10000 (Sept 2019)

Strategy I: Full $
11428.28 -> 11431.39
Strategy II: Full BTC (HODL)
21496.07 -> 28662.07
Strategy III: My Analysis
52537.41 -> 56594.43
Strategy IV: My Analysis including Ethereum
78368.36 -> 84814.15


We increase our exposure again. But volatility is insane so we need to remain careful.
Please note that this is not financial advice. I am just testing some statistical methods and documenting them here. Everyone has their own situation that prefers more or less risk. Everyone has their own goals. Without knowing these there is no way to find the right investment plan for YOU.

My strategies for the week are:

Strategy I: Full $ @ 0.72% annual interest
Strategy II: Full BTC @ 0.12% annual interest
Strategy III: My Analysis
Long Bitcoin 51.3% @ 0.12% annual interest
Strategy IV: My Analysis including Ethereum
Long Bitcoin 59.7% @ 0.12% annual interest
Short Ethereum 39.7% @ 3.96% annual interest