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Amazing and very interessing post thank you for sharing
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try to work for money , dont ask it !!


non...non...non... impossible de le faire a bitcoin et litcoin de @bakabou159704

download.pnggot some important info here
.as always your blog is full of learning and valuable info .

keeep it up MR PRESIDENT

oui toujours merci a vous tous

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i'm not very good with numbers and charts; i am a blogger interested in history and art. i joined steemit to write about those subjects and share my thoughts, and, to be honest, earn some extra money. However, as i've passed some times here, it started to become clear that there's a much bigger picture here. I've come across some topics i'd never heard of before - and i'm becoming more aware of how the world and its financial system runs. And the credit goes to people like you. I've first learned of the term 'corporate capture' from you - i'm still learning new things about that and cryptocurrency. So thank you for enlighting me and broadening my world - I hope we're moving towards a better future, and you guys are leading the way. - I've downloaded the pdf file, and it seeming a little complicated, but i think, i'll understand all of it at a point - just keep helping us :)
... and, great photo, by the way :) i wish you all the happiness and good luck :)

"The banks are stealing your money with fees, inflation and fraud."
Yeah I am 100% agree with this statement! Yeah they made a PONZI scheme and scamming us continuously!
Actually your article is awesome! So I could learn a lot about BTC and Block Chain and thanks for sharing such great videos as well! Moreover, you made a great photography and it's best fitted as your cover photo of the profile!
Finally I would like to hear your viewpoint about STEEM also! Coz I want to hear genius viewpoints about this amazing platform too!
Thank you very much for sharing such wonderful article with us!



@greenman - Wonderful article & lovely photography as your cover image <3

Let's bring BitCoin to the moon Sir <3 Nice video & incredible writing Sir <3

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le drapeau sa bouge mes il n’y a pas d’oxygène a la lune mes salutations a vous

hhhhhhhhhhhh....c'est incroyable ???!!!!

Hi Paul, interesting details you sum up here today. Indeed people have to be and try independent,.. Hard, but possible,... At least I know a person who did it,.. good job @greenman !!!

touts est possible dans le monde de la vertu-elle mon amis

Great information. thanks @greenman this post.

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Wow very nice cover photo in calgary AB in Canada. Great valuable post you sharing sir. I downloaded copy for read a article clearly. More valuable post @greenman. I salute your effort.
Have a nice day!!!
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giphy (3).gif


ohhhhhhhhh.... de doit changer ton nom de GRRENMAN a BITOMAN...c'est bonne ?

Ha ha ha.. 😊 Bloody Suckers bankers are afraid of bitcoins and cryptocurrancy.. They are going to lose their businesses because of cryptocurrancy.. Their bank wire transfer is a very small child, according to the bitcoins and cryptocurrancy.. Bankers suck our blood in previous world.. Now they will no longer able to do that.. That's why JP Morgan deplored bitcoins.. But future world will be more smarter and instant, without this Suckers..
I'm truly vaccinator of your articles and your photography.. I think your cover image will be very cool..
Upvoted and resteemed for you..
Cheers and Steem on..

wow very nice post. I had to read it twice as not native english.. But This is really shocking.. What do you think when the $ dies?

The USD is 80% of global trade so it will take a few years of dethroning. It has began.





I hope you like this.. my daughter made a fantastic contribution for Steemfest art festival

Excellent work on your daughters behalf.

Thank you very very much. I would tell her. Already have confirmation that it Will be on steemfest.

If the petro-dollar collapse, the USD will also collapse. That is, if ME countries stop trading oil for dollars, the USD will get hit really hard and other countries will stop trading in dollars as well.

Let it go, let it go,... not possible to secure,... And we know what to do :-)

Great Words to live by!!!!

Let see what will happen if this ball start rolling faster...

Thanks for your advise,,,


Jetblake did not do video..he did the text that follows his name in quotes.

Precisely corrected :)

Great post. thanks for sharing.

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Wonderful post and very important.

Thanks @greenman
Have a great day

giphy (13).gif

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That study reveals a lot of eye opener things thanks for sharing

Thanks for looking at it!

it was a pleasure seeing your post :)

it's impossible to stop cryptos now, upvoted and resteemed the post to my followers too

Resteemed for more awareness of this important information you have given here @greenman. I also like your new cover photo. Nice.

when steem & btc went to moon & bank decided to regulate crypto currencies, this is how @greenman spend his leisure time ;)


it was really great to dive more into it really valuable information i couldn't have found it anywhere thanks for it


wow nice cover photo



The new cover on you blog looks really incredible nice and thanks for sharing this useful blog post :)

hello, @greenman

1 Million Bitcoins (BTC) have never moved from the original blockchain that was quite shocking for me

Me to. I will prepare for a big scare when some move.

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Great information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

owww nice....

Really amazing.
Thank you for sharing.

lovely Cover photo ...... But i think you use some Cryptocurrency photo. Because you share some important topic about cryptocorrency ...... But at last i say nice pic .......... You are always best bro/friend/sir

fantastic post @greenman, wow you select a wonderful cover image, i really like it and no doubt cryptos really help us a lot to get out of those shit banks.

Thank you sir for coming with a informative post like this..... it's quitely amazing .it's a great a documentary ...upvoted and resteemed .

Hey banks catch me if you can.
wow lovely cover image @greenman
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Very interesting post sir thanks for sharing

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the dollar has tough times ahead will it be able to sustain over the time

Your every article is just encyclopedia of Blockchain technology and as I go by every article, I have got added with value addition in the form of crypto knowledge.

Thanks for posting it.

Have a Great Day.

Loved your efforts while making this post.

Great photo and content, I am going to start following you greenman. Keep up the excellent work

Excellent post @greenman, I wonder the 147 companies are in what country? The opinion of the community, so I UpVoted ReSteemed

amigo #resteemia at your service

fantastic photography for the cover & excellent article @greenman

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Very well explained, upvoted and resteemed .

Informative post, I resttem it to study deeper)

This could be abosulutely true mate, Satoshi Nakamoto could really be individuals from the NSA, Federal Reserve, The Exchange Stabilization Fund and MIT programmers/statisticians, this is scary though. Well hope one day we get to know the real truth.

excellent, the banks a real scam, bankruptcy is the fault of the people ?
pure bullshit. it is the fault of system.
and the blockchain and a very good alternative

Great info.
Resteemed to share with others .

Thank you @greenman for spreading some wonderful knowledge

thank for your great information and post.

Good information with video share and nice photo capture paul collin

thank you very much sir .., your every post is so beautiful and this is a great video sir.....,

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