Bitcoin History Day 2: The Bitcoin Symbol

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In the second installment of our series on key moments from Bitcoin’s history, we glance at the circumstances that semiconductor diode to the choice of the distinctive ₿ symbol and corresponding emblem. As net records show, the initial Bitcoin emblem was one amongst the few untechnical aspects of Bitcoin during which Satoshi Nakamoto had a say.

From Baht monetary unit to Bitcoin

When Satoshi revealed his whitepaper a decade a gone, and so strip-mined the genesis block a bit over 2 months later, there was still lots of Bitcoin to make. There have been no wallets, no block explorers ANd no exchanges — of course there wasn’t even an rate. Nor was there a logo to represent the bitcoin currency. The primary try at an emblem was designed by Satoshi himself for the first Bitcoin shopper and comprised a gold coin containing the letters before Christ. By early 2010, however, round the time that atiny low community was getting down to type, speak was afoot to switch it, complete with a unicode character to represent the maiden cryptocurrency.

The evolution of the Bitcoin logo

“I propose that we tend to adopt the Thai monetary unit currency symbol, ฿, because the official bitcoin currency image and BTC as the official bitcoin 3 letter currency code,” wrote Bitcointalk forum member “NewLibertyStandard” on Feb five, 2010. (Four months earlier, the identical individual created the primary bitcoin purchase exploitation prescript currency, paying $5.02 for 5,050 BTC.) There followed intense discussion, with some forum users worrying that the Thai monetary unit symbol may cause confusion.

The first Bitcoin client with Satoshi’s BC logo depicted in the upper left

A New Logo for a New Era.

On Nov. 1, 2010, forum user “bitboy” shared the recently designed Bitcoin logo, with the ₿ rendered in its currently trademark white and orange, complete with “Rotation: right-handed a hundred and forty,” an edge its control to the present day. “Interestingly, the dollar sign originated with 2 vertical bars instead of one, in keeping with many theories,” broken in Hal Finney on the previous symbol thread opened by NewLibertyStandard. By currently it absolutely was 2011; oral communication stirred slowly in the past.

In keeping with Bitcoin’s long-standing absence of governance, even once Satoshi was still around to play benevolent dictator, there was very little accord on that symbol ought to be adopted. A poll in mid-2011, however, saw forum users vote irresistibly in favor of ฿, prior to such choices as β, Ƃ, and Ƀ. It wasn’t till years later, in June 2017, that Bitcoin would finally gain its own Unicode symbol and become ₿.

Interestingly the word “bitcoin” doesn’t seem once within the body of Satoshi’s seminal whitepaper, contact solely within the title and in the name of the .org domain written directly below it. Bitcoin, whether it's denominated as BTC, XBT, ฿ or ₿, was ne'er regarding stigmatization — it absolutely was about dynamic the planet.

Bitcoin History may be a multipart series from charting important moments within the evolution of the world’s initial and finest cryptocurrency. Scan half one here.

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