Bitcoin History Day 4: Casascius Creates Physical Bitcoins

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Bitcoin was born as a completely digital currency, associated it would have remained that approach had it not been for the efforts of an early adoptive parent from Beehive State. His name was microphone Erskine Caldwell, however on the Bitcointalk forum, he was higher referred to as Casascius. The physical bitcoin creator took a digital development and reborn it into physical matter. For the primary time in history, bitcoins were tactile.


Why a Physical Bitcoin?

“Why a physical bitcoin?” That was the question with that Bitcointalk forum regular Casascius titled his thread on Sept. 6, 2011. Hours earlier, he’d denote a separate thread asserting the launch of the primary physical bitcoins. In several respects, his creations looked and felt similar to typical coins, and in the past where price scarcely a lot of. In fact, with the primary batch that Casascius discharged, the value of postage alone was set at one BTC, whereas every one BTC coin was priced at 1.25 BTC to hide production prices.

“One facet contains a photograph,” explained Casascius. “Underneath the photograph layer could be a personal key. The primary eight characters of the bitcoin address seems on every coin.” “These look amazing,” replied forum user ‘the joint,’ “but why would you purchase this given this state of the Bitcoin market/economy? This can be nice as associate investment if there was a decent indicator that your investment would provide you with any reasonably come back.” once he wrote these words, one BTC was mercantilism for $6.86.

The 1,000 BTC Physical Coin

So prosperous were the Casascius physical coins that the one BTC batch was followed by ten, 25, 100, and even 1,000 BTC editions. At bitcoin’s peak, around now last year, that holographic one,000 BTC coin would are price around $20 million. Microphone Erskine Caldwell sold his Casascius physical coins till late 2013, by that purpose near twenty-eight,000 coins had been minted. Virtually half those coins have currently been ransomed, however over forty-seven,000 BTC remains unwanted at now, waiting till the house owners will bring themselves to peel off the holographic layer and redeem them mistreatment the personal key.

Redeemed Casascius coins over time

“Now we will strike off the road within the 1st sentence of the [Bitcointalk forum] list, that is that “a bitcoin isn't tangible,” wrote Casascius, upon asserting his invention. “The proven fact that a bitcoin isn't any longer invisible, I think, is large in and of itself.” He wasn’t wrong. whereas BTC has remained a primarily digital currency, nowadays physical bitcoins exist in several forms as well as paper wallets, commemorating coins, and edition trinkets. merely through engraving, printing, or etching the public and personal keys to a bitcoin address, and obfuscating the latter, something are often was a physical bitcoin and accustomed hold any quantity of BTC or BCH.


Casascius started off as simply associateother esoteric nom de guerre on an obscure digital currency enthusiasts’ forum. Today, his cognomen stands synonymous with the birth of physical bitcoins.

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