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RE: Did the CIA invent Bitcoin?

in #bitcoin4 years ago

it would make perfect sense to me that they did. You would think they are too dumb to do stuff like this, but these dark occultists do masterminds together with dark entities to come up with ways to keep us in the prison. Until the day comes when WE start working together for the LIGHT they will continue to enslave us this way. They love to hide shit in plain site and watch us not pick up on it - it justifies their continued hatred of us. Since the whole idea is to get rid of cash, what better way than to make us think it's a good idea to be constantly tracked - even if we believe we are not. Already they have us all divided physically and barely united on Social Media. Pathetic. The human race will likely have to go around the wheel one more time to possibly "get it" about what we are really doing here.


Well said, this is the end of the last and worst great age on the planet for this cycle and it will all gradually entropy toward an end, then begin again. The little demons that currently hold the keys will simply do the bidding of the master plan.

and yet, those of us in the know, still have to do our part to try to wake up the masses, one person at a time.