My current thoughts on BTC

in #bitcoin6 years ago

BTC has been experiencing quite a crash throughout the last couple of days and it's causing panic to some, and comfort to others. I'm sure everyone is aware of just how low BTC went down this morning, around the $7,600 area. Like some others, I wish I was up at that time. Not even my alerts could wake me up from my deep sleeping. Everyone needs a little comforting at a time like this, we need to stay around for the lows! I'm keeping my eye out now.

Though many are scared right now, I say, there's nothing to be afraid of! Take advantage of all these sales going on in the Crypto space, invest, and you'll be sure to see gains that are beyond belief. Take some risks, buy low and hold for dear life. BTC has bounced back so many times in the past and more than likely will continue. Who knows? Maybe with greater gains this time! This means your alts will too.

So don't be alarmed with these prices, find the lows and dive in.

I would also like to ask everyone else's opinions.
Will BTC drop lower than $7,600? If so, what could the lowest be?
How long until BTC bounces back, if it does?
Will BTC see it's highest price ever this year?

Stay safe and happy trading!


You are right! Not a time to be afraid! Tks for the post

Thank you for reading!