#Will Bitcoin Ever Be A Safe Investment Or Always A Gamble? Bitcoin 将以往任何时候都是安全的投资 或总是一场赌博吗?

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Demand is increasing, alongside criticism, so if you want to get involved in the cryptocurrency then awareness is key. The supervisor of JP Morgan was unequivocal about bitcoin at a current meeting in New York: the advanced cash was fit for street pharmacists and would inevitably explode. “[It] isn’t going to work,” said Jamie Dimon. “You can’t have a business where people can invent a currency out of thin air and think that the people who are buying it are really smart.”
A couple of days after Dimon's remarks, the estimation of bitcoin went down when the Chinese experts reported a crackdown on it. It has been an astounding month, even with regards to a cash that is not as much as 10 years old. Since the begin of the year the estimation of a solitary bitcoin has gone from $1,000 (£750) to nearly $6,000.
The spiraling cost of the digital currency, alongside the debate it has pulled in the previous couple of weeks, has implied that enthusiasm from purchasers has topped and more buyers are thinking about whether to contribute – or bet, as a few analysts say – in it.
“We continue to see a rise in demand for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies,” says Obi Nwosu of Coinfloor, a trade where individuals can purchase and exchange bitcoin. "At the point when senior pioneers in the money related group, controllers and government bodies share their perspectives about bitcoin, it additionally brings premium and mindfulness up in the market."

需求不断增加的同时, 批评, 所以如果您想
参与的 cryptocurrency 然后意识是关键。
主管的〃〃 JP Morgan *明确关于 bitcoin
剂师并将不可避免地发生爆炸。 *"[它]不去
工作的,” 杰米・戴蒙。 〃〃〃 “您不能
为的人买的都是真的聪明。” *
的几天之后了 Bank 〃〃〃〃的发言中说,
估计去 bitcoin 下〃〃〃〃中国专家小组报
告了打击它。 这是一项惊人的月份, 即使有
的现金, 并不像是 10 岁。 因为开始的一年
的估计, 一只孤独的 bitcoin 已从 1,000美元
(750 英镑)的近 6,000美元。
在螺旋式上升的成本效益的数字货币, 除了
辩论它拉在前面的几个星期, 已经暗示, 这
有助于或打赌, 几个分析师说-。

  • “我们继续看到需求上升 bitcoin 和其他
    cryptocurrencies” *说〃〃 Obi 方萨斯·恩武
    苏的 Coinfloor、〃〃贸易个人在那里能购
    买和交换 bitcoin。 “在高级的先驱者在有关
    观点关于 bitcoin, 它还带来了高级和一心不

So in the midst of the notices, should financial specialists see the spiraling cost as reason enough to purchase?

〃〃在这公告, 应金融专家看到的螺旋式上

**How it started 如何开始, **


Set up in 2009 after the money related crash, bitcoin is an advanced cash that has no national bank or administrative specialist backing it up. The coins don't exist in a substantial shape however are made by PCs and put away in a computerized wallet or on the cloud. They would then be able to be traded and utilized as a part of exchanges.
There is a limited number of bitcoin that can be provided – 21m – and there are at present 15m available for use. Its cost has changed uncontrollably since it was propelled. Seven years back, two pizzas were purchased for 10,000 bitcoin. At its top toward the start of September this year each bitcoin was worth nearly $5,000. As it can be utilized as an unknown approach to complete cross-fringe cash exchanges, it has been connected to sedate managing and illegal tax avoidance.

设置 在2009年 后的有关金钱的崩溃,
bitcoin 是一种高级的现金, 没有国家的银行
或行政方面的专家对其进行备份。 金币不
机的电子钱包中或在云中。 他们将能够在
有数量有限的 bitcoin, 可以提供 -21m -和
目前 15m 可以使用。 其成本发生变化无法
控制的, 因为它的推进。 七年后, 两个披萨
购买 10,000 bitcoin。 在其顶部朝向开始 9
月 今年每个 bitcoin 的价值将近 5,000美
元。 因为它可以用来作为一种未知的方法
来完成跨附带现金往来, 它已连接到宁静管


There are bitcoin ATMs that enable the cryptographic money to be traded for money, and an expanding number of organizations acknowledge it. Woman Mone, prime supporter of clothing brand Ultimo, propelled a property advancement in Dubai with costs in bitcoin, while a London property designer is to enable its inhabitants to pay their stores utilizing it.

有 bitcoin ATM 机, 启用加密的钱进行交易
的资金和数量不断扩大的组织的承认。 女
人纹卫、总理的支持者服装品牌 Ultimo 〃
bitcoin, 〃〃伦敦物业设计师*是使它的居

Growing interest. 日益增加的兴趣。

The recharged consideration on bitcoin has prompted a spike in enthusiasm from individuals needing to contribute. “BTC [bitcoin] and crypto[currency] more broadly have hit the mainstream consciousness,” says Lex Deak, CEO of option venture aggregator Off3r. "I am getting an expanding number of enquiries from late adopters who need to take in more about getting to speculation openings in the space. It has developed quickly since the start of the year, cordiality of the bounce from $1,000 to over $4,000, with an inclination that there is currently somewhat less unpredictability." I have known about individuals moving their life ventures into bitcoin and this is a terrible thought. Marc Warne, Bittylicious

该充电了审议关于 bitcoin 的提示的尖峰的
热情从个人的需要作出贡献。 * “BTC
bitcoin 的[]和 crypto [货币]更广泛地击中了
“主流意识”、“** Lex Deak Te、*首席执行
官的选项合资企业聚合器关闭 3 r。 “我获
关于投机的开口中的空间。 有了迅速的发
展今年以来, 诚恳的反弹从 1,000美元 超过
4,000美元 的倾向是, 目前较低的不可预测
性。 "我已经知道了个人移动生活合资企业
到 bitcoin 和这是一种可怕的想法。 *马克·
沃恩、Bittylicious 〃〃



Fellow Halford-Thompson, the originator of financier Quickbitcoin, says he would not be shocked if standard intermediaries and speculators began to put intensely sooner rather than later. In the meantime, the budgetary controller has cautioned against a theoretical furor over introductory coin offerings (ICOs) – a computerized method for raising assets from the general population utilizing cryptographic forms of money, for example, bitcoin – due to their unregulated nature and absence of financial specialist insurance.
While a few financial specialists might be pulled in by the monstrous ascents this year, others will be careful about the unpredictability. In mid-January one bitcoin was esteemed at $800. By June this had gone to $3,000. After one month, it was at under $2,000 and afterward practically $5,000 by the begin of September. After two weeks, it was at $3,200. Almost hit $6000 recently, now hovering around $5,738.03

研究员 Halford-Thompson 〃〃〃〃, 发端
Quickbitcoin 〃〃〃〃他说不震惊如果标准
同时, 预算控制器所告诫的理论能否介绍投
例如, bitcoin -由于其不受管制的性质和缺
力, 其他人会小心的不可预测性。 中旬一 1
月 bitcoin 的尊敬在 800美元。 由此 6月 已
经走到 3,000美元。 1 个月后, 它是根据
2,000美元 和此后几乎 5,000美元 由开始
的。 9月 两个星期后, 有人在 3,200美元。
几乎击中 6000美元 最近, 现在周围盘旋



“Whether it is suitable or not is down to individual circumstances,” says Deak. “If you are an experienced investor with a balanced portfolio and relatively small exposure, then BTC is an exciting and potentially lucrative investment. It needs to come with a clear warning that there is potential for significant losses and investors need to carefully consider the method of investing.”

  • “是否适合或不下降到了每个人的不同情
    况,” Deak 〃〃〃〃。 "如果你是一位经验
    的风险, 然后酒精是一种令人兴奋的和潜在
    的有利可图的投资。 它需要有明确的警告,
    虑的投资方法。” *

Trade carefully 贸易小心

Electronic installments master Dave Birch has said before that “one doesn’t invest in bitcoin, one gambles on bitcoin”. Those working in the range prompt anybody anticipating purchasing the cash to just contribute as much as they are set up to lose.

电子分期付款主〃〃 Dave 白桦〃〃以前说
的, * “不投资于 bitcoin 一赌博在 bitcoin
"。 *这些工作的范围提示有人预测购买现



“The general sensible view is that the more volatile the investment, the smaller proportion of your wealth you should consider storing in it,” says Marc Warne, owner of bitcoin trade Bittylicious. "I have known about individuals moving their life ventures into bitcoin and this is an awful thought.
investments into bitcoin and this is a bad idea. “The flipside is simple – why not give it a try? If you have £20 to spare, for instance, buy a tiny amount and track its price. If something goes hideously wrong the £20 can be written off and it can be considered a learning experience. If you can, spend it somewhere like at a few pubs that accept it.”
Since the run of the mill insurances encompassing speculation are absent with bitcoin, planned financial specialists ought to request assistance from the individuals who have exchanged them as of now, says Halford-Thompson. “My advice to anyone thinking about investing in bitcoin is to do their own research, but also to speak to people who have already gone through the experience of investing in it,” he says.
"A large portion of the perils are on account of the insurance that financial specialists would typically appreciate on a securities exchange are absent. In the event that you claim bitcoin, you have to ensure you know how to purchase, offer and store it appropriately or you hazard losing your whole venture."

  • “总明智的观点是, 波动性较大的投资、较
    小的比例, 您的财富您应考虑存储,”
    克·沃恩、〃〃所有者的 bitcoin 贸易〃〃
    Bittylicious。 〃〃 “我已经知道了个人移动
    生活合资企业到 bitcoin 和这是一种可怕的
    投资到 bitcoin 和这是不错的主意。 * “铜板
    很简单——为什么不尝试一下吗? 如果你有
    20 万英镑的备件, 例如买了一小小的金额和
    跟踪其价格。 如果出了什么错 hideously
    的 20 万英镑可以注销, 并且它可以被认为
    是一种学习的经验。 如果您可以, 花某处要
    在几个酒吧的接受。” *
    bitcoin, 计划财务专家应要求提供援助的人
    也交换了他们现在说〃〃 Halford-
    Thompson。 〃〃〃 “我的意见, 任何人想
    投资于 bitcoin 是要做自己的研究, 也要发
    言的人已经通过投资经验的,” 他说。 *
    “有很大一部分的危险的保险, 金融专家通常
    喜欢在证券交易均缺席。 如果索赔,
    bitcoin 你要确保你知道如何购买、提供和

Is it secure? 是它的安全性吗?

Worries about the security of the cryptographic money have kept on shadowing it. A year ago, very nearly 120,000 bitcoin worth around $78m (£58m)were stolen from Hong Kong-based Bitfinex, a standout amongst the most prominent cryptographic money trades, which brought about a 20% drop in the estimation of the cash at the time.

担心安全的加密的钱不断的重影。 一年前,
非常近 120,000 bitcoin 的价值约为 78m 英
镑 58m)被盗从香港的 Bitfinex 的凸出部分
最突出的加密钱行业带来了 20% 跌落在估



“Similar to online banking, people need to take care with their bitcoin account credentials,” says Nwosu. “Whether you secure your bitcoin yourself or with a third party like Coinfloor, we recommend the safest way to go is to keep your security credentials offline.”
Daniel Scott of Coincorner says the money itself is secure, however the issue encompasses organizations in the business and the wallets where the bitcoin are put away. “Unfortunately, IT security is a real-world issue, not just for bitcoin but within any industry that uses technology. You only have to do a quick Google search for recent hackings of large global companies to see that any company is open to security issues regardless of size or industry.”

  • “类似的在线银行、人民需要照顾的
    bitcoin 帐户凭据,” 方萨斯·恩武苏。 “无论
    是安全的您的 bitcoin 自己或与第三方的类
    似 Coinfloor, 我们推荐最安全的办法是保持
    您的安全凭据脱机。” *
    *丹尼尔·斯科特的 Coincorner 〃〃说, 这些
    钱本身是安全的, 但是这一问题包括组织的
    业务和钱包的 bitcoin 的路程。 * “不幸的
    是, 它的安全性是一种现实世界中的问题,
    而不仅仅是 bitcoin 但在任何行业的技术。
    你只需要做的是快速的 Google 搜索最近的
    的安全问题不论大小或行业。” *



At the point when Jamie Dimon, Chief of JP Morgan, rejected bitcoin as a cash for street pharmacists and murders that would wind up imploding, he contrasted its ascent with a scandalous rise from the 1600s.“It is worse than tulip bulbs,” he said.
Dimon was alluding to a standout amongst the most famous times of theory in history when the estimation of tulip knobs soared in the midst of a madness for the blossoms. The prominence of the globules hit its crest in the 1630s.
They were exchanged "quickly", as indicated by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and a few people even put their homes down as security. In any case, the market smashed in February 1637, leaving numerous financial specialists poverty stricken.
To me personally, I don't think Bitcoin is a gamble time will really testify, it's here to stay and change primitive ways of exchanging money and transacting business. I urge you to invite and resteem. Yours comments are welcome.

时*杰米・戴蒙、〃〃的〃〃議員, JP 摩
根、〃〃拒绝 bitcoin 作为现金街头药剂师
和谋杀, 风从内部分崩离析, 他对比了神仙
的可耻的上升从 1600s。 * “更糟糕的是比
郁金香、” *” 他说。
代的理论在历史中的估计, 郁金香旋钮飙升
正处在疯狂的樱花。 突出的血球击中它的
Crest 在 1630s。
他们交换了 “快速” 所表明的那样, 〃〃〃〃
至把他们的家园下的安全性。 在任何情况
下, 市场再次捣破 2月 1637, 留下众多金融
以我个人而言, 我不认为 Bitcoin 是一种赌
博的时间真的会出庭作证, 在这里逗留和更
改原始的方法, 交换金钱和交易业务。 我敦
促您要邀请和 resteem。 你的评论是值得

[Credit] (theguardian.com)


IMO, bitcoin is safe. And with the rate at which it's climbing, it's very possible to see it a $10k by September next year. Sure there will be ups and downs, but that's part of the ride...

Also regarding whether it's safe, I always tell friends to store btc in hardware wallets such as trezor... Or at least use services such as coinbase or blockchain wallet. Some of the mistakes made these days by cryptocurrency traders is to leave more than is necessary on exchange wallets... If these sites get attacked, or if glitches ensue, they might lose..
Good post bro..

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