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  • YES, it is the best time to buy bitcoin because bitcoin went to  almost $6000 from $19000 and now its the time it will go up back because within a few days of time its gonna come back its gonna break out because by looking at the patterns and the curves we will soon see a breakout in bitcoin 
  • There is so much enthusiasm right now. because the people are just waiting for a drop to spend all of their money in bitcoin 


No.When it crashes below 3K,maybe then.

no the market cant crash that much it will be disaster

It takes few clicks to stop trading bots,and that's it.Easy as that.

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I actually bought a bit through out of my IRA....not the token exactly but a fund that is in the token....

I still have a little powder left if the price drops lower....dropping my average cost some since I have a loss on it in that account.

yeah the price might go a bit more down but what can we say it might go up aswell because of the price being too low.

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