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   last monthThe cryptocurrency got crashed when it gave huge profits when all of the currencies were reaching the skies everyone was happy about even bitcoin was at the top of all of the currencies since april bitcoin as been going down from 19k as it broke below $6212. And judging by current indicators, the price of bitcoin is not changing at all its been on the stage of 7000 and not going up or down the declines are also because of the selling of stocks in the financial markets, with stocks and commodities falling on fading optimism over the US’s talks with North Korea and China.Russia's Finance Ministry drafts legislation to define and regulate cryptocurrency. (i have heard this i think this is true)the buying and selling of crytocurrency through proper exchangers "exchangers

."Coinbase gains decentralized trade "Paradex". New stage will enable Coinbase clients to exchange several tokens.Thailand's Bank of Ayudhya effectively guided a cross-fringe exchange utilizing its own particular blockchain.Norway's Central Bank is thinking about to dispatch its own particular computerized currency.India could soon force merchandise and ventures assess (GST) on numerous advanced money exchanges. and in the end this will make the market go up again