Keep your security - Install Cryptonite Plugin for Chrome

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Today a friend of mine entered misspelled address and got phised - his coins were extracted and spent.

Since cryptos are anonymous (well not exactly but +/- yes) there are loads of scams and fake websites looking exactly the same as proper ones.

I suggest to bookmark exchanges or GUI wallets for ETH and never ever enter them from google or typing.

But there is also a cool chrome addon called Cryptonite - it checks popular crypto websites and tells if they are real or not.

Dont just vote, read this. Its important for security of your money.

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It may not be very accurate as some new websites of crypto may not be judged correctly. Its better to bookmark a website you know is absolutely correct address and always open the bookmarked one.

Great tip for Chrome browser addon. Will definitely check this out...

I look at the comments and the feeling that people write lizh would give them money!((You did not check this plugin, from where you know it is normal or not... I do not want to offend the author of the post, but be careful!!!

its made by MetaCert - you can check the company. They are security specialists

Yeah you are right! They seem to be very trustworthy! :)

thank you friends,

The principal! He will give me TP! I would hate for my bungholio to get polio....Where I come from, we have no bunghole.

I would recommend you to read articles about the technology and to try to understand the basics because otherwise you will be phished... earlier or later. Only knowledge can protect you

Information is useful. Security of money is a complex area in Cryptocurrency. It all comes down to DYOR (Do your own research :)

The Charm of Music

Live Your Own Life

one should take precautions from the begining

This is definately a great site that I will be using in future. As you said, there are loads of phishing sites, many advertising on google ads so they appear as the top site when you type in your site name to google. This sounds like a great solution!

Cyber securities are going to be huge in the future.

What makes you believe that?

It is all about decentralization. A 'bank' will never understand.

Nice info, useful plugin...

Thanks for sharing this information, I never know that there are fake online wallet that could swindle my currencies from me. Thanks ones more for sharing.

I always like to follow kingscrown because there are always new things to learn learn from him.

interestingly! Yes, fake sites a lot now, need to be careful.

Thank you for the security heads up, i resteemed

Useful plugin. Nowadays everything is possible and fake websites is an example of it. Most of the people are not much familiar to the internet and fake websites and chances of losing their assets is too much. Good awareness post.

Use 2fa and you will be much safer

I hear some cryptos are thinking about adding in recovery on lost coins im not sure exactly how it would work or if its a good thing or bad thing at this point.

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Nice update @kingscrown i will always check correctly when entering the wallet address.
Is the cryptonite addon for free??

for now.. yes!


Bitcoin phenomenon or electronic money more and more favored many people who access the virtual world. In Indonesia alone, the status of issuing Bitcoin permits is heavily debated. Some agreed, while others refused.

There is going to be a lot of money to be made by offering security for cryptocurrencies in the near future. It is too easy to scam users out of their money and there is very little that can be done about it.

Awesome post! I really appreciate how supportive the Steemit/crypto community is as a relatively new cryptocurrency connoisseur. I think this is the kind of support that demonstrates the value and potential for sites like Steemit and crypto currency in general. Thank you for the advice.

Very important for security thanks for the knowledge shared. Keep it up 👆..

Interesting article!

Checkout @cryptobroye for more bitcoin info and analysis. Im sure there's a lot we can learn from each other!

Good work very nic post.

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Wow..... Nice work.... Thanks for the tips and news..its fun, good and nice having you here

Excellent information of bitcoin, nice post, thanks for sharing

Wow... Thank you for the information. A lot of them abounds here and there. It will surely save some people from this scammers

Thank you for the tip. I was advised not to use Chrome for cryptocurrency sites. However, it is my preferred browser. Now, I can comfortably use it. Appreciate the tip.

Its always better to be safe. It is so easy to lose control of your crypto that it is worrying. Even if it is small now in 5 years you might look back at 50 grand worth that was lost.

That's really helpful. With all the thefts and scams going on I guess it doesn't hurt to be on the safer side. Thank you very much.

excelente pposts gracias muy buena información

thanks for posting this is very useful iformasi

Wow, thanks for an important info like this.

so instead of creating bookmarks, i.e. keeping security in my own hands, i should grant an unverified chrome plugin access to my browser? not convinced, sorry

totally agree with you


this is an important update. I used to typed the URL without caring about these issues

Yup, I got that addon when I got my MEW.

Thanks for sharing! I am deffinitely going to look into this add on, better safe than sorry!

Wow great post this is so helpful. Thank you for posting it this is great news and source to have. 👏👏👏👏👍👍🎉🎉😁 upvoted and resteemed.

Gracias por compartir tan valiosa información! Saludos

this is a great app.will surely add it on chrome.

Nice good job well done👏👏👏👏👌👌👍

Thank you so very much for sharing this extremely valuable information! It means the world to me! Much appreciated! Thank you for having our backs! Thanks Again! All the best! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :) P.S. I am proudly following, upvoting and resteeming!

Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know there was a chrome extension like this out there. Security is going to be paramount going forward. I hope others create additional ways to keep our funds secure. I know a number of people who have gotten scammed or hacked recently.

having security is important as hackers are too smart. Thanks for the plugin share.

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its really usefull for laymen who are entering in cryptoworld due to its brightness but in few times only they fell in trap of hackers who are searching in for this new comers good post please u also visit my blog as i am new here and need all your support very much i provide Free buy/sell signals only for steemit frnds >>>

The trick is they send you some complimentary message as a brand for a "thank you" gesture. You will be asked to click a link and voila,there and then they GOT you. You can read as many mails sent to you as possible but never open any untrusted links. This has cost many their hard earned funds. Be wise. Hackers aint resting so you should not.

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