DACX exchange tokens: Opportunity To Become Rich

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DACX tokens are the native currency of the Digital Assets and Commodities Exchange Crypto Currency Exchange.

DACX is a new crypto currency exchange that intends to bridge the gap between the marketplace for traditional digital assets like gold and the exchanges for the crypto currency . DACX prides itself in the security measures and the consumer-focused mission it will offer the users

DACX Token Potential

Digital Assets And Commodity Exchange (DACX) has built an ecosystem where the DACX tokens are essential to its operations. This is an important factor as any token that aims to retain value must be essential to the functioning of a project.


DACX tokens will be used to pay the fees on the DACX exchange and to reward affiliates. This means that the token is not only a key to the exchange’s financial operations, but also its marketing. This is a step ahead of the token utility models utilized in the past by exchanges. Most exchanges utilized the native token for fees, but paid affiliate in Bitcoin. The Digital Assets and commodities exchange is adding an additional layer of utility to its native token by ensuring all interactions with this exchange need some degree of utility from the DACX token.

DACX Token Metric (DACX)

DACX team has stated that a portion of the overall token will be burnt every month based on the trading fees and listing fees collected, thereby the tokens are guaranteed a perpetual reduction. Eventually, about 386,786,000 DACX will be burnt leaving a balance of 400,000,000 DACX. While the crypto market is expected to face growth, DACX tokens will be facing a decrease in supply.


This offers a dual positive shock on the token price. Both increase in demand and decrease in supply are price increase factors.

In addition, the team’s tokens are vested. Unlocking will take place in percentages per month, starting after the launch of the exchange. This ensures that the team’s best interest is on ensuring the project succeeds. Such an agreement motivates the alignment of investor interests with the team’s interests. The founders succeed if they are able to deliver success to the token investors.

Token Sale

DACX token sale is live and 393,393,393.30 (DACX) of total DACX tokens are available for IEO. The team’s strategy to allow large scores of people to be able to invest in the token ensures the token is able to enter the market without facing the danger of having major price shifts being controlled by a limited number of people.


Also, all unsold tokens will be burned. The current token price is based on the expected value derived from a net supply of 786,786,786 million DACX tokens. A token burn policy ensures tokens that are not backed by investor money are removed from circulation and so cannot cause any impact of dilution. Instead, they create a positive price impact as net supply is decreased.

DACX tokens are essential to the functioning of the digital Assets and commodities exchange; investors can hold a stake in the success of the exchange by holding DACX token.

WEBSITE: https://dacx.io/
WHITEPAPER: https://dacx.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/DACX_WhitePaper.pdf)
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/OfficialDacx
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/dacx_io)
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/dacx.io
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@dacxinc


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The Dacx project will launch a revolution in the field of crypto currency. I'm guessing this will be the locomotive in the area. There is also a strategy to get rid of the loss of value. I'm going to be a very good investor for this money.

Both the seller and the buyer of the product can use DACX exchange tokens to ensure the security and convenience of the transaction,
but if the crypto currency exchange is closed without warning, both buyers and sellers will be lost by the crypto currency exchange.
Too many crypto currency exchanges are without warning and closed .

@cloudblade thanks for your reply, but there will be no such thing as closing the exchange with DACX exchange. The team has put in so much effort for so long. The project passed through long time of planning, hence the execution of the project will have no drawbacks. So be rest assured this one will not close after launch

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