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The author of “Rich dad-Poor dad” admits owning Bitcoin and makes shocking revelations.

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He is a wise man. Only very few can see future like him

I have no need to gold,
can it replaced by silver at 2020?
thanks a lot @melip for sharing him
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outstanding presentation...
some great information you share @melip
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nice conversation.
But is it possible really?
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Hellow @melip
I share a drawing of myself, how it was?
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it should be a wise model to all steemian..
it will be beneficial for all..
thanks for the valuable news dear..
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a very useful programs,i support the program my brother,@melip

So i will start hodling crypto and gold from now to give my kids a better future

@melip, puede ser mucho mas pronto para el 2040 se ve muy lejano

viendo tus videos e informaciones bro saludos

ojala pueda ser antes hasta alla es como mucho por esperar, saludos amigo gracias por el apoyo y que pase buen dia.

bueno amigo milip, en mi país la cripto es abalada por el oro y petroleo y nadie los quiere no entiendo, pero por a hora, el futuro esta ayi, a una cuadra. saludo y gracias por esas noticias

Much more visionary that Buffett! haha Maybe he is a visionary for our time. Buffett for the past.

esperemos que sea lo mas pronto posible, buen trabajo amiga

excellent programme..
its help me to learn.
thanks @melip
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I doubt Bitcoin will replace fiat by 2040 but I think it becomes much more widely accepted.

excelente vídeo, buenas predicciones
, pero ojala y sea mucho antes del 2040
ya queremos que suceda lo antes posible a ver si se arregla esta economía en mi país

bravo amiga, buen trabajo, y buen vídeo
estas predicciones tienen que llegar mas rápido

thanks @melip


It is incredible everything that the cryptocurrencies are achieving and everything they can get to do in the future.😊

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Good explained,, higher defination video,,upvote and resteemd donne

I hope so . Nice video . Resteemed it .

estas predicciones son fantásticas querida, aunque te confieso que me gustaría que sucedieran antes del 2040
maravilloso post felicidades

Deséalo con todo tu corazón y sucederá 😊

Very interesting little interview. I remember as a kid reading his original book and it inspired me. But yes he has sold out with this whole mentoring/coaching thing. But is it his fault for people not succeeding when they attended his seminars. His advice is solid it comes down to the people who just cannot take the required action and commit to working your ass off for a few years before the results start showing.

Wouldn't it be an interesting world where the dollar is no more and there is only gold and crypto. In the long run I am confident Steem will start climbing in time. So enjoy making steem while its easy.