Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash! Transaction Visualizer!

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There is a very interesting page where you can visualize all the transactions on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash networks.
And you can see the traffic on both cases.
Captura de ecrã 2018-02-08, às 14.38.31.png

And you can see that the BCH solution was just building more lanes while bitcoin solution is to build a entire new way of moving transactions.
I don't like BCH for many reasons but to be fair the main one is because i don't believe you should solve logarithm problems with linear solutions...
The funny part right now is that BCH as alot of lanes but almost no traffic :D.

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Miguel Portela


Thx for the link!
Pretty empty in Bitcoin Cash country .....

Thank you @miguelportela for the post and for the link !
I think that actually BCH doesn't have more traffic because people still use Bitcoin Core, but I have written a blog last month where I explained some advantages of BCH compared to Bitoin Core:
Bitcoin (BTC) has already Died!

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