I really believe that this carnage in crypto can be a great opportunity!

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I can be wrong and this investments in crypto are all extremely risky investments and i am not a financial advisor!
But i am of the opinion that going against the market is always the best!
So again today i bought some more LTC and KCS to add to my portfolio.

Captura de ecrã 2018-02-06, às 00.09.25.png

Not long ago this 20 KCS would cost me much more... And to me this coin is a great long term investment!
Also this platform adds every day tons of new coins which will increase it long term value to the size of Binance and at that size KCS would be value at 100€ or more..

I also added a few LTC to my exodus wallet because i think LTC is at a great discount right now.

PS- I upvote all people that upvote my post and comment on it!

Miguel Portela


Kucoin is a great exchange, i'm going to write an article about it in the next few days. Come check it out!

really KCS would be 100€ and more..

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