Market is down and i am buying more coins!!

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Market is going down allot recently we are washing out the weak hands we have among us!

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And in my opinion this is the right time for investing!
To have success the best way to handle crypto is buying when the others are selling and selling when the others are buying, never sell for lower than what you bought for.
Always going against the market is my way of dealing with cryptocurrencies and has suited me well until now.

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Miguel Portela


let's wait for the rebound

True but mean while i am collecting more :D

I would also buy but all my money is tied up in Ethereum and I didn't sell when it reached all time highs in December...

I think ETH will end the year at 5k, and bitcoin at 40k.

Congrats on being in Ethereum and not bitcoin. lol

My main holding is EOS bought at 88 cents :D

Damm. I am really excited about Eos. I have been doing some steem development, and loving it, and I think Eos must be even better. It has a bright future ahead... Where did you buy eos.?

I haven't looked into EOS but I think I would rather own that right now than bitcoin. I like steem even though this site needs some bandwidth. lol

Are you having bandwidth problems?

Every day!!! lol I have been trying to limit my usage. Hopefully on Monday I will be able to use this site during the day. I've been blogging about my trouble with it.

Did buy some extra coins yesterday. Do want to buy some coins but I did reach my limit. To bad cause Neblio, Stratis and Xlm fell below my purchase price. Luckely my purchase yesterday was Oyster!

Alts have that problem and also oportunity fall faster but also grow faster..

I think Bitcoin and maybe some other weak coins will go away.

Maybe thats true maybe not depends of how fast lighing network is implemented they also want to create smart contracts to bitcoin...

I heard there are problems with the lightning network but I guess we will find out if that is true or not. I've never heard of smart contracts.

I've been doing the same but this last few days has really been a hit. May take some time now to rebound but let's hodl in there and hopefully ride it out soon!