Is there anything we dont know about now?

OMG is that real Acrylic coins 👌👌awesome post.

Nice pictures!
Thank you for this post 🔝
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Holy crap that is so cool! Maybe one day I will have one as well? A man can dream :D

Wow ~ they are truly beautiful. 😍😍😍😍

It would be really strange if some Bitcoin admirer wouldn’t try to have real coins in the real world.

these gold bars are hilarious 500,100 bitcoin and 10000+ litecoins.
If some guy invested back then he just couldnt lose.
probably the best Combo you can get right now-brilliant!

I wouldn't mind having a few bars.

how can i get my hands on one of these

that's cool can i have one :)
brilliant article!

What a professional post, as always. I wish I could help this as far as possible because people need to know something today they didnt know yesterday, this is the future so it would help build worth if people knew where it comes from amd where it is heading before the future swallows them up and they find themself in a new world with no knowledge or reference in how to operate therein. Im waiting for the day you drop something on us that completely blows our minds! 😃

Those are just awesome...!

1000 bitcoins now would be 14 millions dollars.

That is somehow even more beautiful than the bars themselves.

yo lemme get some of those

Ur always educate people everytime u made a post brilliant :)

Cool stuff yet again @nathansenn. I honestly didn't know a lot of these even existed so I appreciate the posts on these things. Over time as blockchain takes over the current financial systems worldwide, these collectables are going to have insane values for the most part.

PS I wish I had the one of a kind Litecoin bar as I am more a LTC guy then a BTC guy. Charlie Lee for president!

Mega cool. I want some bars to take away :)))

with the todays gold price of 42$ per gram, the 1 BTC = 333 Gram , 500 BTC = 150 kilogram 👌

Quite a huge goldbar istn't it 😂😂😂😂

wow wow amazing bars. will love to have one ;)

they looks amazing really, thanks for info...

And where can they be bought? Order by mail?

These are rare and hard to find. You would need to look on bitcointalk in the collectors section.

@kryptonia is handing out $4 upvotes. dude if your still floating around ill take one of them haha

I only up vote good comments

damn crypto leeches... am I right? Sheesh... as a sidenote I gave him a 1 cent upvote to kinda troll him a little :D.

Me too I gave him a 1 cent upvote to kinda troll him a little :)) @kryptonia

i like to eat lobster spread

Have they started pivoting the physical bitcoins onto the blockchain yet?

I’m interested in investing in PhysicalBitCoinCoin.

Definite "benchmark bucket item" . Oo

Thanks for infotmation bro (:

OMG that’s great . PHYSICAL BITCOIN BARS its awesome.

very very beautiful. full explanation. very cool

Nice pictures!
Thank you 🔝

thanks for the good info 🙏🏻😇

i hope BTC will soon have all these physical counterpart

For the first time in 6,000 years of human history, we can have peer-to-peer exchange where trust is not a problem anymore. And it's through the technology that underlies bitcoin. It's called the block chain.

One day...I will have one of these. Maybe just one of the unfunded bars but thats still cool with me haha

Wow, I've never seen these before - they look amazing! Thanks for this post, I will be on the lookout for future Casascius projects now that I know about them.

This was a very interesting read, i have now started following you, i am excited to see more posts from you. THANKS

As much as one would like to think that what China does doesn't matter, the reality is that when China sneezes at crypto, the rest of the world catches the cold.

wowww!!! such a lustrous Bitcoin. Now I think BITCOIN is alive and i can touch it. wish I could. Thanks for sharing it @nathansenn

Wao amazing info thanks

happy to see the bar!!

Oh my god Really brilliant post superb and very hard working amazing carry on

Thank you very much. I think the bitcoin is not physical. But after i read your writing right now i know it.

These bars are absolutely beautiful! If I had to describe them to someone who knew nothing about crypto I'd tell them 'Imagine space pirate treasure and that's what casascius are!'

I think if I were to own one of these I'd tie it to a necklace and just wear it for a day around the clothes, just the bar......and myself. (Yea don't think that's a good visual either) 🤔

The ironic thing to me is how our group in Buffalo, NY was just talking about these!

Looking forward to the next post!

Thanks for good post.👍

You should at least give credit to Elias Ahonen since you plagiarized photos from his copyrighted book "Encyclopedia of Physical Bitcoins and Crypto-Currencies". See this post at the Bitcoin Forum.

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