Chinese Will be Able to Trade Bitcoin Again on November 1st on the New Exchange - True or False

in #bitcoin6 years ago

As you've probably already seen Cointelegraph published a very disruptive article Chinese Might be Able to Trade Bitcoin Again Soon

What proofs we have?

  1. The article from one of the biggest media in the crypto ecosystem.

  2. The website of this new exchange
    The website seems to be very primitive and almost nothing works there. The only good thing I found it that they have live support there. All answers to my questions were very generic. Therefore, I've made a small Turing Test which was passed by the person on that side :)

  1. There are rumourse that ZB.COM is the project of which was the world’s largest bitcoin exchange by volume until it was recently closed along with all Chinese exchanges.

  2. According to the report from dotWeekly, from August 11th, domain was redirecting to and was not resolving. Now tell me it's a coincidence of the domain similarity between and

Also if you check the design of those two websites have a lot in common, the buttons, layout and even color set are very similar.

What are your thoughts about it?


interesting insight. I think Chinese will be able to trade bitcoin starting Nov 1st. Lets see.

hey, it seems like they will. There is actually one more new crypto exchange Bigone exchange that will be open on Nov 1st. They specifically state that US citizens are not allowed so far, but nothing is mentioned about other countries.