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What Do You Think of This Image ..

Are we in a "Delusional Greed" Phase?

Or ..

Is This Simply the Mainstreaming Event That We All Have Been Waiting For?


I assume you are referring to Bitcoin mainly and all of the Altcoins that are affected similarly. I do believe Bitcoin is going through a path of phases similar to that graphed above. I believe it has done so many times before. Each time the numbers are even more and more incredible. I believe we are at the Return to "normal" phase.

What we are experiencing right now is a that s****-tonne of money that was sitting on the sidelines for far too long, finally being dumped in by the dump truck load. Yeeeeehah!

This is nothing. Seriously, this is just the beginning, and I am losing my fomo-filled-mind as a result. He/she who hesitates will never forgive themselves - go all in now, and worry about the short-term problems later.

Over 5 Trillion is traded on the Forex market each day .. if the entire crypto space can get 1/4 of that action in the next few years, everything is going to double .. and chances are .. we'll get more than 1/4.

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