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What Do You Think of This Image ..

Are we in a "Delusional Greed" Phase?

Or ..

Is This Simply the Mainstreaming Event That We All Have Been Waiting For?


I assume you are referring to Bitcoin mainly and all of the Altcoins that are affected similarly. I do believe Bitcoin is going through a path of phases similar to that graphed above. I believe it has done so many times before. Each time the numbers are even more and more incredible. I believe we are at the Return to "normal" phase.

This is nothing. Seriously, this is just the beginning, and I am losing my fomo-filled-mind as a result. He/she who hesitates will never forgive themselves - go all in now, and worry about the short-term problems later.

Over 5 Trillion is traded on the Forex market each day .. if the entire crypto space can get 1/4 of that action in the next few years, everything is going to double .. and chances are .. we'll get more than 1/4.

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