Bitcoin Cash has the roadmap that lead to Bitcoin's original success, and Bitcoin Cash has the roadmap that will lead to Bitcoin's future success.

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Bitcoin Cash has the roadmap that lead to Bitcoin's original success Bitcoin Cash has the roadmap that will lead to Bitcoin's future success.

I cover this and a couple of other topics happening in the Bitcoin space recently including Censorship of my Youtube channel and the @Bitcoin Twitter account.


This is what he is talking about. It was already a censorship fight, 10 months ago.

This is actually overly generous to the r/Bitcoin side. The truth is they now rampantly edit, delete, and ban with absolutely no visible moderator record. r/Bitcoin might as well be a corporate sub locked to upvote-only.


@rogerkver was good meeting you in Acapulco earlier this year brother.. I will be back again next year hope to talk some more. FYI I have delegated my SP for the next few weeks, sorry that you got flagged here. I wish I could give you some support. I have faith the Steem eco system will work these small issues out in time. Keep in mind, your post is still in the blockchain when flagged.

I recommend using, where the posts don't get grayed out. At least it didn't in my feed.

Thanks for coming back to Steemit @rogerkver! No censorship here on the Steem Blockchain :)

Just a ton of bots and a stale trending page, depending on what interface site you use... but I guess that's not very unique for Steem ;)

Dear sir,I also support you about @rogerkver.

There is lots of censorship on steemit, go ahead and scroll down the comments below and see for yourself. bernie sanders and all of his wallets does nothing but censor content he doesn't like.

On some things get grayed out, yes, but not on the Steem blockchain and you can still view it even on Steemit if you don't prefer other apps.

This. Obviously this.

Post to Steem more often! I had totally forgotten you were on here. You should get on Dtube as well. Censorship is lame!

He only post now because he want to pump his shit coin. After this pump and dump event you won't see him here anymore until his next scam event. Beter he f*cks off here instead of only using the platform to scam people.

I'll try to be back more often.

Please do, so I can tear apart every single false claim you have.

You're running a full-on identity scam, and you know it.

Good teardown on the whole confidence scheme here -

You say this about once or twice a year, then disappear again. If anyone believes you, they’re a damn fool.

You have a point there. I'm guessing it's a courtesy mostly and that like myself promising things here, he's been very busy with the whole BTC-BCH debacle.

Don't bother. I'm going to make sure all of your bitcoin crash posts are killed.

Only the highly insecure cannot stand competition.

Hi Bernie, I know its been two years, what has changed since this?Screenshot_20180423-214157.png

Realizing he's a piece of shit. How's that?

I'm not gonna defend all of Rogers actions, but you realized that what... he has ideological views, uses his wealth for it, allows himself to get emotional and sometimes flips the finger at people when they troll him?

Funny how this reminds me of someone... ;)

As for Bitcoin Cash, you probably know better than to think it is merely a pump and dump or that it will die anytime soon. Let's get real. Toxicity in r/BTC or on Twitter, whoever it comes from, Rogers behaviour, some guy claiming to be Satoshi and never fulfilling his promise, changes very little about the fundamentals.

If you think Bitcoin Cash will be centralized, I guess in your book it might be. Also in my book, depending. But you can't deny that it will be an interesting experiment for many reasons (or if we consider Bitcoin SL chain/Lightning network the experiment). Far more interesting from a scientific perspective than say Litecoin or Dogecoin.

Finally we'll have something real to study, rather than bickering about how it should work in theory and never testing any of it out.

How is dogecoin not interesting?

Pointing out these people are fucking hypocrites does nothing, literally NOTHING, to slow them down.

They can operate saturated in cognitive dissonance.

I'm with you Bruv! Glad to have @rogerkver back!


Satisfying enough, answers the question succinctly.

And here's the detailed proof -

Great analysis and historical reference on the whole con-game that Very Wrong Ver is running.

Actual answer: Bernie has completely lost his mind. He is now a raging form of autistic. His opinions aren't based on logic and he only wants to watch the world burn.

He's a capricious, useless, pre-mining piece of shit.

I may be some of those things but there is no such thing as "pre-mining" on the Steem blockchain, so, carry on ignorant troll...

You're just one of those poor twats looking for an excuse for having such a sad wallet.

You still won't be able to fully censor them. Other UIs might display them etc.

That's the problem with Reddit and r/Bitcoin, aside from obvious sock puppets and brigading (oooh yes, it happens on both sides), that every subreddit is a centralized structure and if the wrong people get in charge they can ban anyone for anything. In the case of r/Bitcoin the moderators and owner simply went overboard with the rules.

For publicity purposes they'll use an excuse and that they also ban legitimate sock and troll accounts can make it look better, but that doesn't change anything.

At least here you can still post using your bernie account, right? It's not banned.

Bernie himself IS a troll. He could attack like 8 other ridiculous Bitcoin forks, but he attacks the one with a functional product.

Both him and Transisto go out of their way to censor and attack Bitcoin Cash. It must somehow interfere with their "Using Steem As Nothing More Than A Bitcoin Extraction Plan" operation they've run since day 1.

Transisto Sucks.png

Watch out, these are organized, censoring FUD'ers. Demonstrable lies pointed out in this thread.

Transisto Sucks.png

Inconvenient facts -

With screenshotted references and detailed technicals.

Jesus, you're fucking ignorant...

I'm so glad all of your rewards come from bots and not actual users reading your trash.

The ONLY reason BCH is relevant is because they gave it to BTC holders for free. If they didn't, nobody would give two flying fucks.

Roger is just some half baked retard who got into BTC early, there's nothing else to him.

You're such a pussy little bitch.

"The ONLY reason BCH is relevant is because they gave it to BTC holders for free. If they didn't, nobody would give two flying fucks."

Then let it fail on its own (lack of) merits, instead of being a sputtering lunatic everywhere you go.

"I'm so glad all of your rewards come from bots and not actual users"

Says the guy who started all the bots, then started flagging everyone for using them.

Serious question: do you believe there are any substantial organic votes happening on Steem?

Follow-up question: do you understand the basic game theory for why the previous answer is no?

"Roger is just some half baked retard who got into BTC early, there's nothing else to him."

Perhaps. If so, let his own style show that. You are harming your own claimed cause, which implies it's not your real cause, or you, again, do not understand game theory.


Being censored on steem lols. Need to post more ☺

Thanks @rogerkver. It is tough to continue to fight the good fight with all the negativity. We appreciate your work to continue to change the world for the better.

It is not important whether bitcoin or bitcoin cash is the superior platform but that the best decentralized form of money takes over and we get rid of some of Governments power over the people. You are doing a great service presenting an alternative way to move forward toward our ultimate goal. May the best win!

This is what he is talking about. It was already a censorship fight, 10 months ago.

This is actually overly generous to the r/Bitcoin side. The truth is they now rampantly edit, delete, and ban with absolutely no visible moderator record. r/Bitcoin might as well be a corporate sub locked to upvote-only.


Good seeing you here Roger. We don't always agree about things, especially strategy and marketing I'd say (where you are a lot more aggressive and I think you would actually have more success by being more vanilla), but "censorship" and manipulation is not an argument. (Many will say it's only the trolls or off-topic shilling spammers that get banned, but I've seen up front there's more going on than simply that.)

You're doing mostly good with r/BTC currently, but I'd warn you; There's a lot of sock puppeting and brigading going on also in that sub. I've noticed clearly unorganic voting behavior, especially on posts from tight group of CSW supporters. These people - irregardless of your opinion about a man who in private promised to reveal proof publicly of being Satoshi but didn't - are not good for the community. Unless you want to see the real users pushed out in favor of an artificially cheering crowd, better means of communication will have to be developed. There or elsewhere.

Maybe Memo.Cash is a good start for something new, maybe will become more mainstream, and in any case maybe Steem and interfaces like can be an inspiration to your and others. In any case I hope you'll feel at home here. (even if you're post rewards will probably show zero if berniesanders downvotes you)

I'm for rallying behind THIS post as a rally point for future discord...
Posts on SteemIt represent a decentralized information economy.
As a PUBLIC SCI-FI AUTHOR myself, I have been immutably "on the record"
for my support of Bitcoin Cash as early as last year. I'm not saying I KNOW better, just POSTING my Stand ; )


I've been backing BCH since the fork. Core and Lightning Network are complete GARBAGE!

BCH is garbage a bunch of cry babies that could not get their way to they piggy backed off bitcoins name to make money lol

With you Roger!!!! This message needs to get out and people need to understand what Bitcoin Cash really is about!!! best, ~Sean

Your biggest fan, and a hardcore BCH supporter. I even wrote an article on you, We have faith in you. Just keep supporting the community.

It's right BCH is one of the rival of btc you can say ..but taking BCH above BTC ??we have to think twice .I like BCH but I also don't hate BTC

There's no reason to hate BTC just because you like or find BCH interesting. Unless you buy into the idea that one will kill the other and that whichever is killed should belong to the camp with "lesser people in it", you can support development on both chains and watch how they perform side by side in the market place.

Ignore the toxicity spread. There are also a lot of positive emotions and developments. It's just easier to make yourself heard in a smaller group and also easier to create sock puppets to manipulate and spread negativity.

It will all pass in time and as better forms of communication are created.

In crypto comparing one with another doesn't sounds good .

Competition is healthy whenever there is a better alternative. If a coin can't compete at least in some manner, it is not really worth anything.

It's definitely true..... Can't wait to see this bloom; keep up the good work

Yeah! Bitcoin is really booming, but I know my steem will soon take the baton....hahahha

Amy often gets crippled for vapor censorship but you can get it!
Thanks for the return of Steven Rocker! There is no censorship of stem blocks here..

This could be interesting if @rogerkver notices our big frog in our little pond. 😎

Bernie's wallet
Roger's wallet

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It’s gonna be hilarious when FB TWTR YOUTUBE and everyone censoring shit comes running back when they can’t stop this crypto movement. Can’t see the forest for the trees worth shit.

Price target $1600.

I like that new BCH tumblr website idea Roger

Obviously, the so called crypto community is more of a religion, than their members will dare to believe. Anyways, time is on our side.

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you got my support, man!

I like BTC and BCH and think they both deserve a seat at the table. I respect you Roger and everything you do to help crypto in general along. It was nice meeting you in Mexico at Anarchapulco.....(I'm the guy who gave you the free Vice token door hangers) Keep doing what you do man, and don't get down by these downvoters. I think this entire community will turn all the gun barrels on these haters someday soon and this will all be sorted out. Thanks for coming back to Steemit....this platform need smart people like you,

I didn't eden know he was here. More reasons to use steemit,no censorship here

I literally feel that this post has caused a war and the armies are fighting hard on both sides.

You prefer BCH, fine, use any coin you want. But lying and saying that it's called "Bitcoin" is dishonest and harmful to everyone.
Ignoring 14 instances of the word 'trust' within the white paper (all in the context of the need to remove it) and only quoting the title will work on some people, some of the time. Those who dig deeper will realise that 'cheap payments' was not the motivation behind the work.
Shame on rogerkver and anyone else who takes part in this outright fraud and deception.

Can someone explain how the Bitcoin core Bitcoin cash debate is more complex than transaction cost and transaction speed? As a consumer, faster, less expensive transactions should win out every time.


wow .
valuable information .
very nice
Thank you for sharing your post

Bitcoin cash = trash 😝
Bigger blocks is only a short term solution❕

You're an idiot, as your blog can rapidly convince anyone of.

Do You think I care?
Everybody is always so sure of them selves in crypto.. Everybody shouting their favorite coin

Moore's law says otherwise. Bigger blocks is a long term exponential scaling solution.

Its not all about Moores law.. Dont make sense anymore in future.
BlockChain blocks aren't transistors

That's completely irrelevant.

Besides, Mores Law is used more as a euphemism for rapid technological innovation. Even if Mores Law is broken, that doesn't necessarily mean much in the long run.

If you think for a minute, you realize that it cant precisely double each year⚠️
its a stupid law these times.
do they want to double blocksize each year❓🤣

I think you need to revisit my above comment.

The blocksize can be any necessary. We might find better ways to scale in the future, who knows. LN for example is a great experiment, but unfortunately doesn't qualify yet.

I agree that it is a very good experiment.
They should coexist.

Segwit and small blocks breaks the chain of signatures thus do not adhere to the Bitcoin system.

please vote have me once.

you do realize that bitcoin cash devs are just as bad if not worse in terms of hacking and shit right?

It's frustrating to see that censorship still exists on a decentralised platform like steem. I wish we could have proved ourselves better but unfortunately this system empowers greedy trolls and runs the masses off the platform in search of alternatives.

I actually started my podcast group (Voices of the Underground) because of the issue of censorship - more specifically self censorship - on steem because the monetary rewards create these incentives in favour of popular opinion and with reputation systems on top of that there's so much reluctance to say anything that has such high opportunity costs.

That social experiment is pretty terrifying!

We use the podcast to discuss a lot of ideas mainly behind blockchain technology and cryptocurrency based applications. We're big advocates of eos simply because of Dan Larimer and the fast transaction blockchain we've been interacting with each other on but we talk about absolutely everything and especially the potential and impact of blockchain technology.

If you'd ever be interested on coming onto the show to discuss bitcoin cash and what's been going on with the politics of bitcoin we would be thrilled to have you.
^ Where we host the show every Sunday.

So first you say something that makes no sense on a blockchain like "censorship" than you go on to promote your project for the rest of the comment, got it.

Roger has 500k Twitter followers, a full sub-reddit he runs, camping the .com domain and has been on TV globally. His cries of "censorship" falls flat when he has that kind of exposure.

The real problem is he relies on his name-camping technique using mimicry and social engineering to spread his message.

If he truly wanted to compete on merit, he'd rename his altcoin to something else, like "VerCoin" or "MyVision" -- but he won't, because the crux of his strategy relies on duping people new to the crypto space into thinking what they're getting is Bitcoin.

But it isn't.

He's gone so far as to list an option on his site where he quotes Bitcoin in dollar terms, but then sends you BCH by default.

That quite simply, is fraud.

But I expect no less from a full Douchetarian like Roger, or any of the other shady characters he surrounds himself with.

Indeed, on r/btc you will be down voted by hundreds of paid trolls when you say something positive about BTC / negative about BCH (while it is r/BTC), he is lying at bitcoincom and tricking people in buying his altcoin while telling them it is Bitcoin. He is a scammer and when certain platforms delete scams that is their full right. He use the word censorship to make others look bad, but he is a master manipulator / scammer

Here's a great teardown that goes in depth technically and historically --

I recommend you read it, or anyone else who wants to understand why Very Wrong Ver is in fact, wrong.

I think you missed the point if you think he's just talking about himself being censored.

If he truly wanted to compete on merit, he'd rename his altcoin to something else, like "VerCoin" or "MyVision"

This is a cute way of duping people into forgetting that bitcoin cash is A CLONE (fork) of bitcoin, unlike any altcoin.

There's more than 2 bitcoin networks now. Get used to it.

And unlike those other forks, only BCash insists that its Bitcoin.

That should stick out to you, if you are into being analytical about it. Its a technique used by con-men and scammers when they need to ride on the reputation of something instead of its own merits.

None of the other forks, such as Bitcoin Gold are insisting THEY are the "real Bitcoin".

Only BCash.

This is because Roger Ver is using this as a social engineering stunt - and without it, he knows his fork wouldn't have any exposure or support.

What the fuck is BCash ?

We're talking about



Bitcoin classic is gonna be left behind.

Using other ways to refer to something in a contracted manner is a common use of language. Its quite telling that you can't make that intuitive logical leap.

Did you really not understand?

Here, I can help. If you told me your real name was Maddidriscoll Worthington the Third, I'd probably shorten that to "Maddy" so it made it easier to say and type.

To your second point - BCash transactions have been in a narrow range for quite some time --

See that? The blue wiggling line is consistently under the orange one. That is what we call a flat or range-bound trend. This indicates there is no adoption, because if there were it would eclipse the orange line -- be higher than it is -- on a regular basis.

Please let me know if I can help clarify any further cognitive stumbling blocks, I'd be happy to help.

So you didn't see what I did there .... That just went waaaay over your head didn't it ....

It is called Bcash because it is a failed update (Bitcoin works with a consensus mechanism do you understand?) of the Bitcoin protocol. Since it is failed (only 5% consensus) it can't carry the BITCOIN name. BTC is Bitcoin and BCH is Bcash

Indeed. Bitcoin is the chain originating from the genesis block with the highest accumulated proof of work. The Bitcoin Cash fork failed to gain majority, thus it is not Bitcoin.

I can't believe that a seasoned Steem influencer such as you is calling downvotes censorship. This lively debate is the proof, if you need any, against that claim.

So-called self-censorship is nothing more than a metaphor. The rewards are a powerful incentive to do what's going to get you rewards, so while it works as a euphemism it's obviously not actual censorship.

I can't believe that a seasoned Steem influencer such as you is calling downvotes censorship.

Thank you, exactly my thoughts.

I for one more often read flagged comments than regular ones. :D

These flags are just in your minds ;) I can't see any of them on

There is contradiction in the parent comment of @beanz ,it may be some true but the second part of comment is endorsement to their project. How can downvote be a censorship that too created for some self benifit.
Provide some space to breath!!!!!