Upcoming Cryptocurrency Events (30th-31st of December)

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Bitcoin continues to fall. Current price sets it just barely above $14,000.
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Litecoin is taking a dip to 241.04$. It's a good time to jump into the market.
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Upcoming Cryptocurrency Events

December 30

lisk.png Lisk (LSK) $22.84 USD (-5.60%) - LISK CORE V.1.0.0 RELEASE

dent.pngDent (DENT) $0.026371 USD (-11.21%) - DENT Mobile App

December 31

change.pngChange (CAG) $0.593589 USD (-3.31%) - DEBIT CARD RELEASE

monaco.pngMonaco (MCO) $14.95 USD (-9.41%) - Exchange listing

salt.pngSALT (SALT) $13.97 USD (7.00%) - SALT platform launch

nem.pngNEM (XEM) $0.889170 USD (-4.47%) - NEW VERSION RELEASE

walton.pngWalton (WTC) $10.49 USD (-7.83%) - GENESIS BLOCK CREATION

voxels.pngVoxels (VOX) $0.695264 USD (-9.53%) - Rebranding

Please trade with caution, and only use money you can afford to lose.

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Seems like we are having a bit of a correction or the beginning of the dreaded crash. I woke early this morning 5AM. EST and we were a bit over 16K, now I looked and we are almost down 2,000points. Whats up? I am hoping its just a small pullback before the end of the year. What do you people think?🤔🤔