Daily Contest Leo Edition: Will Bitcoin Be Over 10k By The End Of The Year?

in #bitcoin3 years ago

hey everyone,

Today I want your prediction if bitcoin will be over 10k by the end of the year. You can just write yes or no or feel free to give an exact number. We can check out on this in a month and see who is right or not. This is not a contest based on right or wrong, everyone who guesses will get an upvote. First 10 get a full one and then each one after gets a smaller one.

I'm going to guess YES

And for a number I'll go.... 12,501.

That is a TOTAL random guess so please do not take it as financial advice.

What do you think?

bitcoin-2007769_1280 (1).jpg


I'm not sure for the end of the year, but as we getting close to having it will burst.

Hope so

No. No reason this year.
Next year with the Tokyo Olympic is the next catalyst as Japan is crypto friendly

I'm kind of skeptical about making that bet because things are not going well. But I hope that the values ​​go up and everyone can benefit (especially those who have been betting on this idea for a long time).

I don't see any catalyst right now that will push Bitcoin above $10 by the end of the year as momentum continues to point down. However, anything can change within the next 35-40 days.

Yeah it really can change quickly.