1000 bucks per day: what is the reason for the growth of the crypt market?

in #bitcoin5 years ago

Today, bitcoin unexpectedly for most hamsters added more than 1k bucks in 30 minutes, becoming 8.1k in price, and most altcoins also added from 5 to 30% of the cost per day today. Sounds cool? Certainly not for those pseudo-professionals who were disappointed yesterday in the crypt and poured everything off for nothing.) But what is the reason for the growth? Will the trend be permanent? How to trade right now? Let's understand ...

Let's start with the bad: since this growth was really sharp, it is definitely a planned action. A bull or bulls struck our favorite cue ball so much, adding 10% to it for half an hour, increasing the trading volume by more than 500% at this time, and this surge already, in turn, shatted the courses of all altcoyins, the growth rate of which depended mainly on the rate of reduction of the anal holes of the holders per second, so this single case can not be called a prerequisite for the fast "To the moon" to 20,000 green.

However, we can not rule out the possibility that this action is the first bell to the quick end of the "bearish" trend in trading. As you know, so shatnut course of the most important crypto currency - this is not you buhogo Vasya with Balashikha otpizdit, resources are needed here seriously. Therefore, we strongly advise each of you to monitor the situation with the course very actively in the coming days and, based on the data received, make your own conclusions.

And what about those who now want to trade? First, to understand for themselves - is it normal for them the amount of profit that they can now get? If so, then quickly drain everything and wait for a new wave of recession. If not - actively monitor the crypt courses and catch the peak of value, but only then all the drain. All this, of course, at your own peril and risk. While the situation in the market is not clear, and it will not be clear within a week and a half (not for me).

All this pandemonium again proves to us that now huge crypts are being made on the crypto currency, and such hamsters as you and I can not influence this in any way. But we can actively monitor, hold and wait for the time when we will have the opportunity to pinch off a small slice of the huge amount of dough that will soon be raised by big uncles on serious deals. But this, as always, is not accurate))

This is all for today! Thank you all for reading. Actively monitor the situation on the market, trade impudently, but wisely. To all good trades and see you soon!