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It's a very interesting book to read. Sometimes I feel wrong dream at night but i never read this kind of book. I watch some horror movies regarding witch like "The Conjuring". Thanks again sir @nandibear for another amazing Bitcoin Cash Giveaway also thanks for sharing the book.

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Hi @msena thank you for sharing your thoughts on the book and the topic. I haven't had a witch on my back for a long time. When it happens you can't move, you can't breathe, eyes are usually open and can see everything, you can feel a hand over your mouth and nose, you can feel someone holding you down, sometimes something dark or sometimes something more. Sometimes hear footsteps too.

You're very welcome! Hope to see your comments in the next giveaway!

Absolutely right sir. I feel the same problem as you described. I asked the solution to my doctor uncle and he told me to sleeping on your left side and I got some result but habit is habit. Always mistake...