There Are Three Types Of Money ?

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🎯Remember Gold and silver were here when the Earth🌏 was formed,

and it will be here when we are all gone⚰️

Try to Buy some Gold and silver as an investment for long term🔥

Most are taught that saving money is Smart😳

But the truth is the 💵 Dollars is worthless because.

The FED has been printing🤯 trillions of dollars ultimately making savers the biggest losers.

🔥We have solution for Inflation.

There are only 21 million bitcoins that can be mined in total🌪

2014: "Bitcoin is a terrible store of value," said Jamie Dimon
2015: "Bitcoin will not survive"
2016: "Bitcoin is going nowhere"
2017: "Bitcoin is a fraud"
2018: "I don't really give a shit about bitcoin"
2020: --> JPMorgan extends Banking service to Bitcoin exchange.

"first they reject you then they start believing in you."

Bitcoin for ever.
Stay at Home Stay Safe...
Peace☮️ out.


This is an interesting statement... And Bitcoin has died more often than Kenny from the South Park... 🤣 🤣