[Beyond Bitcoin] Open-Source Hangouts #31

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**[Beyond Bitcoin] ** Open-Source Hangouts #31

for    August 28th 2017

This is my intro/outro version of our beloved, Beyond Bitcoin Hangouts.
If you haven't already, please go and check out what Beyond Bitcoin Hangouts and @officialfuzzy are all about!
Below, you'll find my Soundcloud track of "slightly" edited audio of the RAW Hangout and
embedded with my intro/outro.

So I hope you enjoy this version enough to give me an upvote!

Start Listening Now!


Voice Over done by: @ajvest
Backing Music Credit: ElectorProject, by Boomopera @AudioJungle.net

BTS: emailtooaj



The more I spend time on steem the more I hear about bitshares... with what happened to all the centralized exchanges, including BTC-e, maybe I should check it out

Yes, you should absolutely check out Bitshares. It's the ONLY exchange in which you control the private keys to your account... and can not seize or loose your funds!!!

Great hangout @ajvest

Thank you @rtdcs
Hoping to make this a weekly ritual (again)

hahaha it was enough to get u my upvote :p

hangouts about bitcoin ?
would check it out.
please keep us updated. with your posts.

Great hangout @ajvest i learn many more things about bitshare in steemit thanks bro

I thought this is a new post hehe...

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I found you because I am investing a lot here in the form of technical knowledge, time, creativity and tech hardware as I am now a witness for Steem and I noticed that you are voting for @bitcube - but that bitcube's witness server is offline and of no use to Steem (for quite a long time as far as I can tell).
I would really appreciate if you would support me with a vote to give me a chance to show what I can do for Steem and Steemit. I have a long background in software engineering and also in running social networks.

My witness application post is here.