Pt.2 "My BitShares Hangout Intro/Outro"

in #bitshares3 years ago (edited)

Hey everyone.

So here's my (2 of 2) stab for the contest @officialfuzzy had posted here

And click here to hear my 1st cut

Voice: by @ajvest
Backing Music Credit:
by ElectorProject
by Boomopera

BTS: emailtooaj

Feedback, Comments, Follow and UpVotes appreciated!


Interesting podcast man the information there has a lot of value, and you voice is great. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the feed back!
I just did the into and outro music segments.
The real beefy info is within these hangouts :)
be sure to follow @officialfuzzy and the Bitshares tags here on Steemit.

Great man i'm going to follow @officialfuzzy all i can learn is welcomed

You'll learn a great deal from those hangouts. There's a lot of smart, respectable people at those hangout. It's a-keen to sitting at a round table, full of crypto elders! LOL

Upvote and follow me

Good, upvote ;-)

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congratzz hahaha now one would downvote steemitboard haha in case of spamming :p

yeah i know @officialfuzzy is from heaven hahahahaha :p damn your voice is awesome ajvest