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"Bitshares Community 100 Cities 100 Stores" Program started by Guo An, the Chinese guy who get free beer from FarmerD by using BitCNY for payment. The worker Proposal 1.14.116: 比特股社区“百城百店”计划 is to cover some expenses for this program.


In order to promote the unity, love and mutual assistance of the members of the BitShares community, it is hereby to collect Bitshares offline meeting places at various cities. You can use bars, restaurants, cafes, tea houses, companies and other places as meeting places. All participating stores must have a legal business license that matches the operator's information and offer discounts to community consumers. Once we have stores at all the places in the country, the 100 cities stores will be broadcast live regularly to expand the influence of the BTS community. Travelers can drop by local BitShares offline store to rest and chit chat to promote the development of community health and friendship. The BitShares community will be the largest open source community in the blockchain. Note: Participation is completely voluntary without any threshold, leadership nor system.

  1. Provide the community with offline meeting places. Committee members and community contributors will go offline stores regularly to do live broadcasts, interact with offline community members, and improve communication.

  2. Use the decentralized nature of the BitShares community to attract people from other communities to join, exchange and learn. Many people who invest cryptocurrency do not know about BTS. Stores conduct activities to attract people to join and increase the registration of the Magic Wallet. Raise the visibility of the BitShares community, which indirectly advertise BTS. We can say this is promoting BTS with zero cost.

  3. People from crytocurrency world come to the store for RMB consumption may get rebate in BTS (decided by the store owner). The number of 100 stores doing rebate in BTS is very impressive, is disguised form of locking BTS. If the number of customers spending RMB in all stores reaches 1 million, then we can say that the number of locked BTS has reached 1 million. This does not take into account repeated consumption. Term and condition 1: Currently limited to cryptocurrency community 2: Promotion and operation require active participation by all parties as well as technical cooperation. If we can push this steadily and with understand of blockchain products, Guo An think the number of disguised locks will be more than 10 millions.

  4. BitCNY used by the members of the stores (in line with national conditions). The magic wallet is the membership card. BitCNY is the rebate of the discount part of the BTS. All the participating stores under this program must apply for a magic wallet account with their own store name, which is convenient for everyone to supervise. The store owner also has to make a statement for this account.

  5. Once scale up, the physical store can make its own futures products, such as: crafted ipa beer. The market price is 20 Yuan a bottle, then you have to buy this beer from the day the brewing material enters the fermenter by paying equivalent of 10 Yuan in BTS. The fermentation period is 40 days, which means that you will get a bottle of beer worth 20 Yuan after 40 days, and your cost is only 10 Yuan. (This kind of activity requires the establishment of a physical store council for supervision. It is also necessary to limit the maximum number of participants and amount, limited time offer, mainly doing activity)

  6. The physical store can carry out crowdfunding activities for some hot-selling products for Chinese festivals. The crowdfunding group mainly use BitCNY. For example, the Dragon Boat Festival's zongzi, the Mid-Autumn Festival's moon cake, the National Day gift box, fruits and so on. This also limit the maximum number of participants and amount too. The promotion of 100 Cities 100 Stores will be smoother with support of technology. Let the owners of 100 Cities 100 Stores become a node. These nodes can promote the registration of the magic wallet and promote the use of BitCNY. Transaction records are transparent, fair, and have a billing system. The stores all together do gift giving activities to users who register BTS accounts via magic wallet, rebate BTS for their consumption and other activities. Magic wallet can be a decentralize Taobao, or decentralize takeaway.

  7. According to the actual registration number of BitShares accounts in the offline store, we can do different activities for specific cities.

  8. The physical store increases their turnover through the power of the community. Consumers get the corresponding BTS or discounts through normal consumption. The number of registered BitShares accounts increases and getting popular, which is benefits to those who hold BTS earlier.

Participants can register with WeChat 864651719, and then the city, store location, business hours and other information will be announced.


Below are real photos of some physical stores:

BitShare Community - Shanghai Store


BitShares Community - Weihai Store


BitShares Community - Guiyang Store

List of BitShare community offline meeting places (45 Registered Stores till 2018-08-27) :


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Is this only for Chinese stores?

The organizer only know Chinese but anyone can start similar program in their own country.

Great news. I am digital layman, can't start such a point, however I would like to pop in and have a nice chat and learn something and might drink a beer too.

Thanks for a wonderful initiative. Would be great to get the translated in English and broaden this initiative to a worldwide worker also. I'd be happy to help, drop me a message on telegram rosswlkr is in English