Sharebits is back! Well almost.

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 Hi guys,

The sharebits team is trying to revive Sharebits.   It has taken awhile because it has not been possible to get any help nor  documentation of it.  But behind the scene, we are working hard to get  it up and growing again.  Thanks to Fuzzy and Ronny who relentlessly  want to make it happen. 

The Sharebit dashboard (temporary  located at is up and we are now testing the  Bitshares forum tipping fuctionalities.  We need you guys to help test  it out. 

Please post your result in this thread, whether working or not, and your feedback!  As a show of appreciation, I will upvote all feedback comments and bug reports.


what do you think about changetip's downfall and how does it affect sharebits?

changetips downfall?
Weren't they bought out for a pretty large sum from Air BnB?

the devs were acqui-hired, not the tech.

last thing I read they were looking for buyers, but no one seems to be interested

Can/will Sharebits be implemented on Steemit?

Yes and ....i am talking with ronny about this very thing.
In fact, I think it would be cool if people who start and moderate steemit tags would figure out ways to distribute tokens in that tag to others. That token could even pay dividends on part of what various allied accounts that mod that tag's content earn in steemusd....maybe even converted to bitUSD or other tokens of their choice.

This would effectively add a new layer of rewards that makes it more possible for steem to remain a firm and stable foundation while features like this can give more options and value.

Great job!

Thank you!