NFTs Launch

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Real-life items. Licensed auctions. Real and provable digital ownership. Anti-theft.

Following previous announcement, the launch of NFTs. Non-Fungible Tokens on are being launched with real world assets and physical arts in mind. Since inception, BitShares was in any case designed for things like tokenizing assets and real property on the blockchain. Therefore it is the intent of NFTs to become something more than just digital collectables, GIFs, (or even tweets - which seems utterly worthless in any use-case). Instead BitShares NFTs take aim at real-world value of real-world items. Of course this is also backed by a real-world corporate structure and auction house, which have been established at the same time.

The pictures of the wheels are genuine one-off custom made items, not photo-shopped, which will be auctioned on the platform soon. NFTs enable us to record authentication certificates of a piece of art, or creating traceable history on any investment grade asset (artwork, antiques, watches, custom made items, classic automobiles, property, and so on). NFTs can be applied to both enhance and authenticate future values by recording events and provenance at the time of restorations, additional works, transfer of ownership etc. It is likely more use-case possibilities will emerge alongside the ability for buying/selling on the blockchain.

#Gallery and NFT Submission opens on 6. May 2021
#auction #bidding and #markets start on 7. May 2021

Spotlights and pride of NFT's:

  • Special gallery with real-life unique items with logistics, insurance and transport included.
  • Named accounts on the blockchain.
  • 100% authentic digital provable ownership.
  • BitShares Management Group Limited is a licensed broker with ability to host public auctions.
  • ~2,400.00 USD blockchain cost for creating first unique NFT asset as blockchain fee.
  • ~150.00 USD company cost for creating unique NFT sub-asset for the same owner.
  • 1.5 second real average transaction time on purchase/creation/transfer of ownership.
  • FIXED transaction costs low as 0.10 USD.
  • 63 seconds finalization time.
  • PayPal2Bitshares sandbox gateway payment system for deposit payments.
  • Ability to process direct payment with $BTS & $BTC using private keys through #beet #app ($ETH, $ADA & $XRP coming by end of the 2021).


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