BitShares is fully operational and funds are safe - businesses to upgrade as P1

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The simplest way to know what is happening now is read this first

Inside there is a link to the git page shown in the image.

It applies to all external exchanges and cold/hot wallets like binance. It could effect any project or dapp running on bitshares, they must upgrade.

On a personal note, if anything the events show resilience of the platform facing extreme market conditions, never lost a single users token and all funds are safe.

Lessons will be learned, platform will evolve out of it, perhaps entirely new rules and sets of logic will come forth. All I know if you compare it to all the others - BitShares is still the one running best or better than anything new before it, including dare I say even EOSIO today.

We have more usage more volume and more real world businesses using the platform than ever is even appreciated among the troll-ridden Telegrams ... OT perhaps we even know ourselves. Even found myself suddenly one day waking up and noticing I’m daily going to it and it’s much more than any bank or other startup tool in my business has been ever!

As the lunedio fella keeps stating in those gnarly telegram rooms “BitShares Rocks”

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