Bitshares Signet Ring Crowdfund: Daniel Larimer Tribute

It is with great pleasure, that today I unveil the Bitshares Signet Ring in honour of Daniel Larimer, the founder of Bitshares, which is fundamentally the origin of the Steem blockchain which Dan ( @dan ) also founded. Dan has dedicated his life to developing blockchain technology and has engineered many ideas far ahead of their time.

2016 was a year of wonder for the Steem community, that started off wide-eyed and optimistic, the Steem price breached the $4 mark in an unexpected timeframe and developers and talent of many kinds flocked to the Steem blockchain.

The future was bright and I believe it still is! Bitshares and Steem are on the "bleeding edge" of near-instant, 3-second block time transaction speeds using Graphene blockchain technology; solving all of the scalability and consensus issues of Bitcoin and many other smart coins, the benefits of Bitshares and Steem just need to be realised and adopted.

The uptick in the Steem price today, by more than 120%, is proof that the unexpected is yet again within reach. The Steem community is capable of great things, it once stood behind me ( @thecyptodrive ) when we crowdfunded billboards in three continents together, with the support of whales (high net worth Steemians), witnesses and the general community, in solidarity to promote Steem to the world.

Again, I stand before the Steem community and ask for help to do something amazing once more, that will also honour Dan Larimer, the founder of our community, who made such an amazing year possible in helping change and bring magic to the lives of many, including mine. Together we can present Dan with a parting gift as he embarks on to change the world in other ways.

Presenting the Bitshares Signet Ring

in association with a long-time childhood friend of mine, talented jewellery designer and investment caster, Timothy Bull, we present the Bitshares Signet Ring.

Last year we designed a series of rings for blockchain projects, with the flagship ring being the Bitshares ring (other rings to be unveiled in due course).

The Bitshares Signet is ergonomically crafted to cater for the sharp contours of the logo, in a wearable and comfortable design and is suitable to be used as a token of loyalty for long serving and effective community members with variations available in tough and non-tarnish Argentium Silver, White Gold with Yellow Gold insignia or both White Gold ring and insignia.

bitshares ring-landscape-yellowgld.jpg

Photo: Bitshares Signet Ring Render - 18K White Gold with 18K Yellow Gold Insignia

We had arranged for manufacture to be done in South Africa in association with the community oriented, Ekurhuleni Jewellery Project and a private jeweller; however setbacks arose when we could not procure a courier service to transport the rings internationally due to security risks of gold transportation, we put the project on hold for a while and have now resurrected it in time to honour Dan Larimer.

Inviting Global Jewellery Manufacturers to Collaborate

Gold is not as transportable as "Smart Money", which is incidentally quickly becoming the new gold standard, and gold therefore is very difficult to send across borders (unlike Smart Money such as Steem and Bitshares); the only way to "pull this project off" is to partner with trusted jewellers locally in each country and state to manufacture and deliver to fulfill orders stemming from their region.

We invite Jewellery makers to email us on contact[at] to start discussions, with an immediate need for a manufacturer in Blacksburg, Virginia USA for the current Dan Larimer crowdfund.

bitshares ring-landscape-whtgld.jpg

Photo: Bitshares Signet Ring Render - 18K White Gold with 18K White Gold Insignia


Photo: Bitshares Signet Ring - Boxed - brand Render Founders' Crowdfund Statement

In honour of Dan Larimer, all liquid rewards of this post, as well as direct donations of Steem and Steem Dollars sent to the Steem account will be put towards the crowdfund. Should we not raise sufficient funds to procure and deliver a ring to Dan Larimer, or should the campaign suffer any setback whatsoever, all direct donations will be refunded to their donors.

Donors wishing to pay with BTS (Bitshares) can do so by sending BTS to my Openledger account, the-crypto-drive, please write evidence of the transaction amount here in comment so we can reconcile and for campaign transparency on Steem.

We invite all members of the community to pay tribute to Dan Larimer with their kind votes and donations, however small, each one and every small amount will make a difference, together we are and always will be great!

Thank you for you support!

Timothy Bull founder

Ricardo Goncalves ( @thecryptodrive ) founder

Please vote thecryptodrive witness if you would like to help support me to do more great things!


I confirm my involvement in this project.

I hereby donate 500 Steem towards the Bitshares Signet Crowdfund, farewell and thank you @dan .

Please consider voting for our nomination on the Steemvoter Guilds post so we can receive the SV guild vote to help the crowdfund, I'm a connected party so can't vote for it. This is the link, scroll down to the comments and vote the nomination

Thank you for posting

Sounds like a lovely idea......appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Please keep Steemit posted regarding your progress with the project....and a worthy project it is.

Will do, thanks so much!

Your ring and bitshare appear your good personality. I will surely follow your posts

Dan is sight to be seen with all this bling you guys are showering him with. I can imagine this kind of jewelry being just his style! For next piece, please take into consideration doing this for Dan ;)

Joking aside, the ring looks really good. Nice design!

Appreciate it :) thank u!

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