I'd like to buy you a beer ... with bit.CNY!

in #bitshares5 years ago (edited)

That's right, FarmerD in Canada wants to buy you a beer in China. Why ...


because BitShares is amazing!!

and because I can, and because it will be fun, and so why not?

Here's the story

Last week @kimchi-king retweeted this on twitter.

God those signs make me all giddy on the inside, I am so looking forward to seeing signs like these in a Canadian bar one day. But for now, I will be very happy to buy someone a beer in China, it would be an honor.

So where is this fine establishment you may be wondering?


So here is the deal.

First; get yourself to Weihai City. I know no one is going to go there just for a free beer, but if you are there (or close), maybe this free beer is for you. btw, I had no idea where this is, so here is a general idea.


chineese city.jpg
Looks like a nice place, albeit not much for farmland, lol.

Second; send me a private message on telegram and we will organize a time for me to buy you.... and oh sure why not, you and a friend, a beer.

That's it. Easy peasy.

I REALLY hope this happens. I suspect it maybe one of the first, if not the first, beer bought across the world with bit.CNY.

It would make my day to see this happen.

Thank you,



Amazing possibilities! Now you have me thinking also - I've been having a crypto cafe idea for here in Thailand for some time also ... this is great inspiration!

This is brilliant. The possibilities are huge. You've now got me thinking - we can buy each other dinner from around the world in 3 seconds or less...

Yes! those of us who have been around bts for awhile are starting to see the real possibilities of Bitshares. Beyond the basic "when moon?" classic crypto boring question, there is so much bts can do, and it is very fun to discover and imagine it. Thanks for the comment brother.

Then the question remains: which is the correct love-beer user name?


Let the guesswork begin.

lol. I'll figure that out if and when someone gets there. On the sign it says lovebeer88 Thanks for the comment and vote. I really hope someone takes me up on this.

I like the idea of retail adoption. It has not has a lot of business yet though... http://open-explorer.io/#/accounts/lovebeer88

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LOVE this @farmerd!!! Can't wait to get an update. And sooo agree with this:

God those signs make me all giddy on the inside

Thanks for sharing this. Upped and resteeming. PLEASE remember to update if anyone took you up on offer for beers.

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Thank you so much, and indeed I will update. I have one person in Weihai right now, so it's happening, I will definitely do a follow up post.

The idea of retail adoption is awesome. BTS is so fast and has so many smart coins. I think it is a great idea!