In Defense of (The world's first blockchain game)

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As you can imagine when announced, I was very excited.

Without any effort on my part my two passions were about to come together. Of course I know that real farming is very different than app farming but still I was, and still am, thrilled.


Then I read this from their website.


Not only is about farming, it is also about environmental sustainability, another huge win for in my books.

So like many of us in the bitshares community I joined the telegram group and patiently waited for the airdrop. Then one fine spring morning there they were, 258seeds in my account, and in less than a minute I had my whole farm planted, an amazing feat. My tiny virtual farm was up and running.



Now we come to the point of this short article.

Over the last few weeks I've noticed more and more FUD in the telegram group. People calling a scam or a "dump coin," and some of this FUD is even coming from bitshares community members which is astounding to me.



And so I thought I'd give some thoughts on why, from a bitshares perspective, I think is great and why, also, I think it is worthy of our support.

First, and most simply, is an actual working product not a promise of one. I think this is the biggest trouble with most ico's, they sell a product based on a promise and a fancy whitepaper. Not the case with is a working game, and their ico was airdropped, given away for free.

Which brings me to my second point, correct me if I am wrong, but I believe it is the first game to be built and run on a blockchain. Which in itself is historic and the very fact that it is built and running on bitshares is monumental for us bts believers and holders, and even traders.

I can't emphasize this point enough: The first game ever built on a blockchain is build on bitshares!

Last but not least, the team is always present in the telegram group, answering questions and supporting players. They've already made changes to the game based on feedback from players and they are committed to bringing the game to its potential.

Yes the game has some kinks to work out and there are still aspects of the game to be developed. But I think that we all need to be ready and willing to promote It is a great project and I believe, given time and support, it can be huge, especially for bitshares.

It is the first of it's kind. Every action in the game is a transaction on bitshares, it's very cool when you think of it. Just imagine the transaction volume it would bring to bitshares if, or should I say when, goes mainstream.

If anyone needs some SEED to play, PM me on telegram and I'll happily send you some. It would be my pleasure.



Farming and growing require patience correct @farmerd? Patience will reward bts holders with projects like this coming out. Great post.

Thank you, and I agree

Congratulation farmerd! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 46min with 20 votes.

Good one brother !

Great post FarmerD - more games on Bitshares please! Cryptokitties can't bring us to our knees!

This is such a great effort @farmerd, for someone that hasn't written much this is a big leap! Congratulations for the article. I think is great, even though game wouldn't be classed as a 'polished' product, they have engaged with our community, they complied with some 'KYC' from @murda-ra and to prove they are ok, and they just did it and got an MVP going in public and available to play. Definetely early days but with a lot of room for 'growth' - pun intended!

Shit! I want to play but I have iOS!!!!

Then download the iOS version here:

I did already, the problem is that it doesn’t work

I also joined the telegram group chat and didn't received any seeds to start. Therefore I never tried playing the it fun? And where can I download the APP?

Yes it fun. I'll send you some SEEDS to get you started. Download the app from their website and once you sign up send me your account name and I'll send you some SEEDS.

Whoops, I don't know why but I missed it's launch :(

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