BitShares TESTNET Feature Release 2.0.20180803

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This is a Feature Release for the TESTNET only. Active block producers are encouraged to upgrade at this time. The testing period will continue thru 14:00 UTC 21 AUG 2018after which time the Core Team will begin finalizing a release for the mainnet.

Download and build the test-2.0.180803 tag from GitHub.

Preliminary Release Notes Latest Version:


  • BitShares-Core-2.0.1808-macOS-cli-tools.tar.gz
  • Source code (zip)
  • Source code (tar.gz)

Security Fixes

  • CLI wallet: updated choice of range proof params in cli wallet reveals transaction magnitude to very narrow range for Blinded Transfers (issue #480 / PR #1117 #1227)

API Changes

  • Removed crypto_api from default list of allowed APIs. (issue #1123 / PR #1125)
  • Changed default max-ops-per-account value to 100, impacts account history (#1120)
  • Added get_account_limit_orders database API to query for open orders of one account in one market #463 #849 #1163
  • Added get_asset_count API to return total number of available assets #688, #1159
  • Added get_transaction_hex_without_sig API get serialized transaction hex without signatures field (issue #1013 / PR #1038)
  • Added support for account name as parameter for all API calls #969 #989 #1164 #1168 #1152 #1155
  • Added fail_reason field to proposal object #730, #1036
  • Retroactively deducted witness missed_blocks caused by chain halts #1087

New Features and Improvements

  • Added Openssl 1.1 and Ubuntu 18.04 support (issue #835 / PR #559 #921 #1008
    • Fixed invalid use of incomplete type BIGNUM {aka struct bignum_st} #327
  • Added witness_node startup option --enable-standby-votes-tracking to track votes of standby witnesses and committee members #987, #1191, #1211
  • Added cli_wallet startup option --suggest-brain-key to generate keys without connecting to a witness_node #1011, #1039
  • Added quit command to cli_wallet #1104, #1050
  • Improved witness_node performance for generating blocks, resyncing and replaying
    • Improved account maintenance (vote tally) performance (issue #803/ PR #1085)
    • Improved performance of database::update_expired_feeds() and global object getters #1093 #1180
    • Slightly improved price comparison performance #1094 #1124
    • Added index on short_backing_asset, better performance for updating asset (Issue #960 / PR #1019)


  • Changed default docker p2p port to 1776, fixed p2p port to match Dockerfile #1226, #1078
  • Fixes to make Docker containers shutdown gracefully #1077 #1115
  • Fixed Docker Cloud Build Failing Due to Compile Time #1221 #1222
  • Modified Dockerfile to work with new docker cloud version (0.10.1) #1075
  • Updated testnet Branch to Include Latest Dockerfile #1074


  • Elasticsearch refactor #1103 #1201
    • Add auth to communicate with the ES database with --elasticsearch-basic-auth startup option.
    • Custom index names with --elasticsearch-index-prefix startup option.
    • Removed --elasticsearch-logs startup option
    • Better error handling: if there is an error when sending data to ElasticSearch, plugin will stop processing blocks and keep trying, and it resumes when connection is back at the same place. #681
    • add operation_id_num for easier filtering.
    • Fill orders data in additional for easy volume.
    • Test cases framework. #1047
    • Make full use of common functions in the 2 plugins(utilities).
    • flush ES database on every block when node is in sync to improve real time user experience. #1137
  • Updated documentation


Other Changes

Contributors in this release:


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Perfect job !

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