BitShares Infrastructure: Flash Worker Proposal

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Thank you for all of your support while I have been away from Steem for the past week. I took the New York bar exam and now that it's over I hope to return to the great discussions we've been having. I look forward to hearing what you all have been up to over the past week.

BitShares Worker Proposal: Flash Infrastructure Update - Live for Voting Now.

BitShares offers the simple freedom to exchange digital assets without corruptible companies or firms interrupting the flow of value and extracting value from users. In order to offer this service to a broader audience and achieve strong network growth I see infrastructure development as a necessary condition. Four months ago DaoStreet announced a collaboration with AP Asia Tech to strengthen the BitShares infrastructure. (Original - In the intervening four months since this infrastructure announcement, our combined hosted active nodes have undergone rigorous testing from helpful volunteers in various channels and dev rooms between Steem/Telegram/Discord. We are proud to say that we feel secure in offering this resource to the BitShares Election System knowing that it will perform and exceed expectations. is one of the most esteemed back-end technology service providers currently working in the Graphene Blockchain ecosystem. The BitShares community is fortunate to have their interest and DaoStreet is privileged to have forged a professional relationship. As you can see in the proposal (link below), the fact that @murda-ra is agreeing to maintain this infrastructure at zero cost is simply an amazing value proposition for the community. This joint effort is intended to support the BitShares network the world deserves. 26 nodes spread around the world represent a significant step forward in network integrity. Of course we welcome your input on how we can improve and continue to provide value to the community. In the meanwhile please consider voting for this proposal and a stronger BitShares network.

Worker Proposal:
On chain voting: First day live and already 75% of the way to full approval. Your vote is appreciated.
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Thank you @john-robert for all your support and collaboration on this

Can anyone vote? Even me?

Yes @ronaldoavelino. Your support of Nelson Hunt gives you a say in how 421 votes are cast!

Im in love with bitshares especially its user friendly interface. Even the lame man can understand.

The members of Accra Credit Union should decide how to vote in this matter. We welcome your support in growing BitShares in Africa.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I see you have been away... I was starting to wonder... I have some interesting new ideas about Generic Gold and Silver Rounds, verses U.S. Gold and Silver Bullion Coins...

Yes I would like to discuss your new ideas. Round and Coins, the difference is in the details.

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