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We are all devastated about the recent fires near Athens. As you already know a lot of people, including young children lost their lives. Those that were lucky to survive watched their houses, cars, properties burn into flames. There are no words to express the horror. The stories that we hear on the news are unbelievable. There is absolutely a huge need to support our fellow human beings in these difficult times.

Some good fellows from the Bitshares community took the initiative to create an account to raise funds to donate. You can read their post here

I took also the initiative to raise funds via CONSTRUCTION token. You can buy some via bitshares DEX to support the cause.

So far Construction token only had one VERY GENEROUS contribution from our beloved well known Rockstar the one and only @onceuponatime. Thank you very much my friend! I appreciate this a lot! I am really grateful. Everyone knows that you always give give give and never ask anything in return.

Please keep donations coming. Please support hairycanarycoin, Construction or if you want make a direct contribution from yourself to one of the below IBAN :

  1. Dedicated account of the Bank of Greece IBAN GR4601000230000002341195169 for the victims from the fire

  2. Dedicated account from the Rafina municipality to assist the victims from the fire. The account is held in Piraeus Bank IBAN GR2001721860005186092291418

  3. Greek Red Cross organization IBAN GR6402602400000310201181388 held in Eurobank Bank

  4. ΚΕΔΕ Account National Bank of Greece ΙΒΑΝ GR9001101510000015100284874 ΕΝΙΣΧΥΣΗ ΠΥΡΟΠΛΗΚΤΩΝ ΑΝΑΤΟΛΙΚΗΣ & ΔΥΤΙΚΗΣ ΑΤΤΙΚΗΣ.

  5. Lureio Idrima foundation

A number of well-known members of the bitshares community are in discussions about how to make these donations more efficient, transparent for everyone, legally compliant, fast and efficient. I would like to express my gratitude to the @easydex team, @clockwork, @hairycanary, @dalexx, john Robert for trying to provide solutions for these and any future donations.

I am really touched with the philanthropy of my fellow Bitsharians. Bitshares is a great community with amazing members. Please consider to make a donation for the victims of the fire via the Bitshares alternatives so we can make some noise to the world. Let’s make people realize that cryptocurrencies can be effectively used for good causes with full transparency.

Please upvote, share and resteem this post. It goes without saying that any proceeds from this post will be sent to one of the above mentioned accounts dedicated to the victims of the fire.

Again thank you all very much! I really hope that no one ever experience anything like that ever again.

UPDATE 28.07

I have been thinking a lot where to donate the funds raised from Construction token. Finally today I have completed the last transfer. A total of EURO 3,000 (equivalent. of circa USD 3,500) were sent with reference "bitshares community donation" as follows:

EURO 1,000 to the dedicated account of Bank of Greece

EURO 1,000 to the Greek Red Cross

EURO 1,000 to the Lyrio Children foundation that was burned down. This institution is an orphanage with more than 45 children.

I would like to thank again very much @onceuponatime who is the only contributor so far. Since he is the only contributor I will provide proof of transfer funds to him only.

I really hope that further contributions are received from other members or at least that you guys can send directly some funds to any account of your choice to help the cause.


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That was so messed up what happened! I am glad here is a fundpage for this... so sad seeing the distraction deffently will resteem this!

Impresionante, verdad no hay palabras triste la perdida de unas vidas inocentes

Εύγε !

Nice post.
Keep steeming

In front of this tragedy the words are poor ...