Bitshares NFT Issuance Tool - October updates! DRM GONE! Non-Beet users supported! Optimizations galore! 🚀

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Welcome to another Bitshares development update!

Recent developments have been swift and successful, we now have a new update to the Bitshares NFT Issuance Tool to talk about!

Only the other day the NFT Viewer received updates, now it's time for the NFT Issuance Tool to improve!

So let's get straight to the changes!

Changelog v1.2.1

  • Removed DRM (No more NFT nor BTS min requirement paywall)
  • Added scannable QR codes for creating & updating NFTs on the Bitshares blockchain
    • Note: You'll have to manually create an NFT signature, although it's an optional field.
  • Made the app less reliant on the Beet wallet
  • Optimizations recently introduced to the Bitshares NFT Viewer ported into this app.

Sounds Good! Where can I download it?

Check out the Github repo release page for windows, linux and macos downloads!

Meme time

Now the app is free as in beer, this feels fitting..


Other news

The price of NFTEA NFTs is being updated to 40,000 BTS from 20,000 BTS to reflect new trading rates.

Thanks for collecting NFTEA NFTs & enjoy issuing your own NFTs on the Bitshares DEX!

What kind of NFTs are you thinking about issuing on the Bitshares blockchain? Reply below!