Open-Sourcing the Bitshares NFT issuance tool!

in #bitshareslast year (edited)


I've recently been posting about my Bitshares blockchain development efforts relating specifically to NFTs; now I'm proud to announce the full open sourcing of my Bitshares NFT issuance tool.

This enables you to easily create NFTs on the production & testnet Bitshares blockchains with relative ease.

You'll need to manually upload your images to an IPFS pinning service, as this isn't directly supported in the app.

For the production environment there are minimum Bitshares account requirements - your account either needs 100,000 BTS or an NFTEA NFT in its portfolio.

Once the BEET & BEET-JS updates are merged into their respective repos, this tool and the viewer tool will be packaged for public release (no coding knowledge required).

This tool is similarly implemented to the Bitshares NFT viewer, albeit without zustand state management.

I'm looking forwards to seeing the NFT industry thrive on the Bitshares blockchain!