BSIP 40: Custom active permissions **Now voting**

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Strengthening user security is one of the main factors to elevate BitShares. In light of recent hacking and phishing attempts this becomes even more important. The need for a more sophisticated account security preceeded the idea for a finer-grained control of account permissions. We propose to add an additional authority to the account, called Custom Active (Permission). The permission contains a list of operationid-to-authority mappings that each grant access to the respective operation as if it were the active permission of the account. Additionally, the arguments of said operation can be restricted.

Voting for worker proposals: Votes can be done via the reference wallet. Visit Menu -> Votes -> Workers or enter your account name in the link

This worker proposal has id 1.14.120 and name 201808-bsip40-1.

See the full BSIP here:

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Voted. (Want to vote you regularly)

This BSIP is now live!

Thanks for the support, and looking forward to see all the possible use-cases for this