BEOS News: Automated Market Maker” (AMM) or “Liquidity Pools” (LP)

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Hello fellow BEOSians!

What a wild ride it has been thus far! Thanks for your continued loyalty, support and enthusiasm for what we have built. But, strap in, because we’re just getting started!

A lot of you have been asking for help, updates and counsel around what the heck you should do with your precious BEOS tokens.

We hear you and have a lot in the works and will share more in this writing.

Here’s what we'll cover:

❏ The critical BEOS updates through the present date
❏ BTS 5.0 release of Liquidity Pools (LP) and Automated Market Making (AMM)

If you’re new to the BEOS community, welcome! If you’ve been here since the beginning, welcome back!

How we got here and where should you start?

Pop over to the news section of the BEOS website to follow what has happened to date: here

You can also read directly from my Hive posts: here

You can also watch this interview Michael and I did with the EOS USA folks explaining BEOS:

Liquidity Pools (LP) and Automated Market Making (AMM)

This cool and valuable feature that has been added in the BTS 5.0 upgrade. It is called “Automated Market Maker” (AMM) or “Liquidity Pools” (LP). This is the technological innovation driving Decentralized Finance (DeFi) around the world and is an exciting prospect to leverage with the powerful capabilities of BEOS.

There are two ways to interact with these pools: (1) traders can simply trade asset X for asset Y or vice versa and (2) passive investors can stake both assets X and Y in equivalent ratio and earn pool share tokens redeemable for an ever growing amount of X and Y in the future.

As of writing, you can deposit your tokens into a variety of pools and immediately begin accumulating value in the pool. The best part is there is no human intervention needed – all operations and exchanges run automatically (independent of any of pesky humans).

Which brings us to our final and most exciting announcement…

We started a BEOS/BTS liquidity pool!

It took some real command line tinkering and figuring (as many savvy Bitshares code-smiths know) to get this thing rocking but, it’s aliiiive. I started it for the BTS - BEOS pair and put in a million BTS and 10 million BEOS to prime the pump. Some liquidity! You can see the pool here on the DEX for yourself: here

You might now be wondering, how can you get in on this?

Well, we released a pool tool so you can interact with these fancy new liquidity pools! (Source code can be found here)

As we have been building BEOS on our dime, we’ve decided to build a tool that will allow you to buy, sell and trade your tokens into any liquidity pool.

Exciting times ahead friends!

What do you need to do?

If you're python-savvy or code curious you can find instructions at:

If this is well received we want to refine and release an improved and feature-rich BEOS pool tool so you can manage your BEOS riches

So, please don’t be shy, tell us what you want to see more of.

Do you...

  • Want some methodologies for market making/trading your BEOS?
  • Want to deposit into an AMM?
  • Curious on how to get started as a new BEOS holder?

Let us know!

Please comment below with you questions, comments and suggestions.

Thanks for being a part of the journey!




You 'da man!

P.S. So, if we're not quite ready to start coding, is there any news yet on how to stake our BEOS/BTS for Manna? :)



we need to make farms on BTS

Bookmarked. Will dive in as soon as I get the time!

All very true! Hell of a ride and it's just the begging :) very nice read Stan!


Good news. BEOS is moving

What minimum amounts of BEOS and BTS should one leave in eos-voter? Everything else is still non-transferable, correct?

Why am I getting a "Memo: refund by admin" when trying to withdraw anything that isn't BTS?

Well, that's almost true - I was able to withdraw BTSMA, but I can't withdraw anything else. ???

You can only use 'withdraw' on assets that are native to other chains. F.e. when you withdraw BTS or Brownies, beos.gateway knows it should pass it back to BitShares chain, or when you withdraw EOS, you want it back on EOS mainnet. However if you want to send token that is native to BEOS chain, you need to inform gateway explicitly where you want it to be sent. You do that by forming proper memo (look at history of transfers on beos.gateway for examples of such memo) or simply by using 'cross chain transfer' function of eos-voter wallet.