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The SWIFTCASH asset is tradable on the Bitshares blockchain vs. any other asset issued on this blockchain. The default market however is vs. the OPEN.BTC asset which is a Bitcoin-backed asset managed by OpenLedger The underlying SwiftCash that will back the SWIFTCASH asset on the Bitshares block iskept in SXECAhroNHp5vdNqLg1W56... so that traders can verify the intrinsic value of this asset at any time.

Deposits and withdrawals of SwiftCash are currently handled manually once a day but will eventually be fully automated. For deposits, the swiftpay gateway is currently utilized and using the SwiftCashBot, you can get a deposit link on the #bitshares channel on Make sure you enter the correct username. Your bitshares username is essentially the same username you have with either Escodex, or CryptoBridge or any other similar DEX which runs on bitshares. You can confirm this by using your username and password to login at If you don't have an account already, you can create one at

Deposit and withdrawal fees are currently 100 SWIFTand this is to cover the BTS fees required to issue and/or burn the assets on the bitshares blockchain. Market fee is set to 0.2% and you're highly recommended to buy BTS to cover the order fees as the SWIFT/BTS rate for the pool is set a lot higher than the market rate in order to discourage traders from depending on the fee pool and instead buy BTS themselves.

Active Markets on Bitshares:

Trade SwiftCash vs. Bitshares

Trade SwiftCash vs. Bitcoin

Trade SwiftCash vs. Litecoin

Trade SwiftCash vs. Dogecoin



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