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Should the 9th paragraph say there will be a fixed supply of 3.5 billion tokens? It makes it sound like there will be 1 billion given via raindrops in the first 89 days, 1 billion to the BCDT, and a remaining 0.25 billion for second (longer) term rainfaill. Making 2.5 billlion total. Excited about this. PS any idea what's going on with BitUSD?


1.25 Billion in first 89 days in rainfall.
1.25 Billion on a decaying curve after that.
2.50 Billion total distribution by rainfall
1.00 Billion to Reserve Endowment Trust
3.50 Billion total initial supply
+3% inflation to pay for block signers.

Correction: We've decided to do all 2.5 billion during the first 89 days. RAM will be distributed over 80 weeks.

So if I own 100,000 bts and i commit to the full time period, how many BEOS will I own at the end?

Hello @rhanna10km; I want to thank you for your delegation to dStors. Be assured, we will will be good custodians of your SP. Thanks for sharing in our vision of a very profitable company!

That depends on the amount of BTS which are staked during the rainfall.

Since I've heard that the rainfall is proportional to the amount of BTS you hold...I'd assume it works something like this: 2.5 billion tokens (total rainfall amount divided by 3.5 billion tokens (total supply) is about .714. I'd assume that if 1/5 of all BTS gets held on this BEOS middle chain (though unlikely it'd be that much). 100,000 x 5 = 500,000 then multiply that by .714 it'd be about 350,000 tokens. Brownie.pts holders would also get some BEOS and weren't factored in, so maybe closer to 300,000. who knows if an amount like 1/15th of the total BTS gets held.... which would probably put your BEOS at closer to 1 million tokens. But I could be way off.