HIVE is live on XBTS DEX Exchange!

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Dear HIVE community! We are glad to announce that HIVE is Now Listed on XBTS Decentralized Exchange!
This is a very important event that opens doors for many new users and traders to be part of the HIVE platform and XBTS Dex.

XBTS DEX is a BitShares-based decentralized exchange and an entry point into the volumes of decentralized markets.

HIVE on BitShares blockchain:
Market: and other pairs are Available!

Benefits of the XBTS exchange:

  • Deposit - Zero Fee/ Withdrawal Gateway Fee - 0.1 HIVE
  • Instant buy and sell of cryptocurrency at fair price with blockchain guarantees.
  • Each trading operation is saved in the BitShares blockchain.
  • Transaction confirmation time of just 3 seconds.
  • Only you have the access to your account!
  • No KYC
  • You can trade any amount, at any time, from anywhere.
  • You can create any trading pair you need.

How to Trade Crypto On XBTS - Step by Step Guide:
First thing’s first, you’ll need to create an account. Anyone is able to sign up since XBTS does not require customer information.
Visit the XBTS website Click [Log In] or [Create Account]

Transfer from HIVE Account


Deposit/Withdrawal HIVE from/to XBTS DEX
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XBTS Cross-Chain Decentralized Exchange
DeFi AMMob
Safely! Instantly! Simply!



I submitted a proposel to get hive on AtomicDEX for atomic swaps.

In august a DEX built on top of atomic will be released called PirateDEX. It will also be a DEX for Atomic Swaps except that you will be able to swap between BTC, ETH and other currencies to PirateChain(ARRR) 100% anonymously!

PirateChain is the most private, and most secure crypto. Its not suseptible to mass data analysis like Monero. All transactions are sheilded.

This is truly revolutionary, especially for anyone who beleives in freedom, and fights against gov control and surveylence. I think it would be awesome if the PirateDEX also supported Hive 😊 so im pushin for it.

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Deposit - Zero Fee/ Withdrawal Gateway Fee - 0.1 HIVE

I often earn less than that with my posts/comments.

lol cunny funt
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This is great news!

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Thank you, well done!

Good news! Thanks for sharing

This is great news. I'm happy to hear this fact as the fee for withdrawal is minimal. This will be great and indeed great news.

Is good to have hive in more one decentralized exchange

Noice! The more dexs listing hive the better...

Yay! Can’t wait to see where this goes told my friends to join first time here

Excelente publicacion muy instructiva, gracias por compartir.

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Wow I am very new to Hive but sounds that is great news