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LEVERAGE is the main investment vehicle of bitsharescrude-fund. Its market value is tied to it's liquidity pools. Staking to CRUDE.LVCNY and CRUDE.USDTLP liquidity pools earns users monthly Smartholdem airdrops in the form of CRUDE.STHLP. Added are FTX tokens the first being CRUDE.BTX which is a half-bull BTS smart token that can be borrowed and sold for 1.5 times its amount in bitshares.
CRUDE.LVRG is primarily a reward token for contributors to bitsharescrude fund.
Users contribute by staking to the stablecoin liqiudity pools of Leverage. Currently there are two stable pools CRUDE.LVCNY and CRUDE.USDTLP.
Every month CRUDE.STHLP tokens are then distributed to the ten richest wallets holding the assets in their wallets (The assets in order books will not be counted), according to a simple sharing formula where the highest contributor gets more reward.
all data is displayed on the site.